One block tower prevention

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Threezool, Jan 18, 2011.

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    Would be nice if there are a plugin that prevent players from placing blocks that only stacks one block on top of another with no support, and then prevent the placement.


    * = Air
    # = Block

    This would be a two block tower and could be a sett limit by the admin and by a block id case to case and a "mix block" limit.

    so it could look something like this:

    Cobble stone = 2 blocks
    Stone = 3 Blocks
    Wood = 4 Blocks
    Sand = 1 Block
    Gravel = 1 Block
    Obsidian 10 blocks
    Mixed = 3 blocks

    And so on, so the plugin would check the block types under and if there is air around it and if there is no support the tower will be stoped and placing another block type only works bellow 3 blocks so the user cant swap blocks to avoid the restriction.
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    Have fun building walls brah
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    Thats why it checks for air around it, if there are blocks as "support" it allows the placement of the block and the limit can be set by the admin so stuff can be built but not one block sky towers.
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    A player could build a 2x2 tower and then knock it down to a 1x1 tower.
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    You'd have to do some good checking there. What if I want to build a temporary tower because I want to replace one specific block on the ceiling of my building?
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    What about building sky islands? It would be rather difficult to get up and down unless you were using a fly mod if you couldn't build 1x1. I understand the concept, as I constantly am knocking these down as well, but it just serves no purpose to forcibly block all 1x1 construction.

    Hell, even consider pillars and scaffolding for large projects would be negated.
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    There could always be a permission command to give to those who want/need to build such towers anyway.
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    If you can think of a different way to stop this, other than the checking method you posted above and the permissions option. I would be glad to make it.
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    You can remove them with WorldEdit with /removeabove, although of course that's not prevention, but it's better than removing them by hand.

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