On SOPA, PIPA - a threat to our freedoms

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    Today marks what could possibly be the largest protest across the internet to date. Many people have banded together to show their dislike and support against the SOPA and PIPA legislation and other bills like it.

    I think I can speak for the team that we strongly disagree with such archaic limitations of our freedoms. So why aren't we protesting or blacking out bukkit.org?

    Simple. We feel that we'd be preaching to the choir. Our community is filled with technically informed individuals who have probably already heard of the crisis a hundred times over. A small site like ours going black would achieve little other than causing an inconvenience for everyone. Larger sites like Google, Wikipedia and the like are already sending the message out there loud and clear and are the ones who can really make a difference.

    While the current legislation mostly affects Americans, there are similar bills attempting to be passed in Europe and other areas of the world. As a result, while we feel that a blackout is not necessary, we urge everyone to read up on SOPA, PIPA and similar bills to educate themselves and do what is necessary to stop them from being passed.

    For more information on SOPA and PIPA and why it is a threat to the internet and our freedoms, please see the following sites and/or watch the following videos:
    Don't Censor The Net
    What does SOPA mean for us foreigners

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    Don't edit your post to reply to a post later than yours. Make a new one instead. Otherwise it gets confusing to read ;)
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    Deleted user

    Sorry... I just didn't want a few pages worth of my replies..
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    Oh, I got through to it more or less straight away. Thanks anyway, I just hope non-US citizens can all sign one of the many petitions out there.
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    I did, it only took 1 whole month to get a copied and pasted reply! Though I suppose it is nice that they at least acknowledged it..
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    Haha aint that the truth. It does help if a lot of people send them though, and if your american in this case. Somehow I think that all the Canadian government members in my area are already sick of the emails involving our copyright attempts and usage based billing.
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    A pointless fact, but if 0.1% of the world signed the petition then that would be almost 7 million signatures. The more the better obviously!
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    Not me! Tehee. Email Richard Burr NC Senator. Hes really good.
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    There is one problem with those statements, any website that is hosted in the U.S. would be blocked. any domain controlled in the U.S. would be blocked and any website outside the U.S. would not be seen in the U.S. At least that is what I have heard and interpreted. Could be wrong and I hope I am.
    By the way, I must say that Canada is a nice place to live. I lived there for 3 years in Ottawa :D
    P.S. This all comes down to domains, the company it is registered through's location.
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    No Sane person can be for SOPA
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    I host my own domain. I have a V3 Convoy, courtesy of my big brother. It's mainly for my domain, and for my server :D. Sometimes, when i'm in a good mood, i'll play TF2 on it as well.
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    This is not the place to discuss this.. and is severely impacting this conversation. Before you continue, please.... please read the information posted.

    It will affect the entire world. Do your self a favor, and educate yourself. Once any of this passes you will have a very hard time getting your voice heard. So please... just read.
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    Deleted user

    I did. I would think that this is the place to discuss this because the things we are discussing are about SOPA, and this Announcement was made so we could reply to it, so why can't we discuss it? If the staff at Bukkit (hello) didn't want people discussing it, they wouldn't allow us to reply to it. Agree?

    Sounds a bit rude, doesn't it?
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    I think that's another thing we have to worry about is that when hosting your own websites you have to be extremely careful. People with innovative ideas are going to be put off by this, which will really hinder the growth and evolution of the internet.
    An example is someone who maybe wants to create their own social network site with some clever features. They run the risk of their users posting copyright material and thus the website owner would be liable for that content. That's the same thing which is putting websites such as Facebook and Youtube at risk.

    Oh also I've censored my avatar, you can copy (or pirate) it if you like before this law gets passed! (Hit refresh if you don't see it yet)
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    @ShootToMain Grrr... And it will be...

    Lets get this conversation back on the informative side. You should all watch this very informative video.

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    Deleted user

    21 minutes of my life about to be wasted..... but let's see.
    The announcer...... how old is he?
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    That video is WELL worth watching. That's what made everything clear to me. Yes it's 21 minutes long, but I'd rather that than no videos at all because Youtube was taken down
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    The narrator is TotalBiscuit, one of the most watched people on YouTube. I believe he's in his 20s but I may be wrong. (And he's British, GO Britain!).

    EDIT: Just read something on US government website: "The bill is supported by more than 120 businesses and associations from around the country including.....the National Sheriffs’ Association." No offence to sheriffs, but they're not exactly known for being 'tech savvy' as everyone is calling it. If it was supported by Silicon Valley then fine, but Sheriffs??
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    Deleted user

    Mhm hmm... he sounds like he's in his 40's though O.O. Deepest voice i've ever heard in my life.
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    who cares about the voice, just listen to what he has to say :p

    (btw I'm sorry if my comments are sounding harsh, I mean no harm)
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    Very nice! I'm happy even Bukkit is protesting!
  22. You guys dont get it. SOPA is not the threat, its just a piece of legislation. The threat to your freedom is the government. If you stop it here, it will go do something else. If you really wanna fight for you freedom you gotta strike the root. Not the pos legisliation it passes along once in a while. You see the government is inherintly evil, it is based on the legalisation of violence. Naturally, anyone who can use violence to achive his ends is gonna start stealing, gonna start threatening people do act in specific ways etc. His sole motivation is his self interest, and like everyone else he does not like to work, he wants to do less but achive more. This is where this stupid legislation comes in, its gonna make a few people richer, on the expense of everyone else. Thats the basic nature of government.
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    That is not the basic nature of government, that is just what seems to happen very often these days. Life is unfair, there is always someone who wants power and money. This is an act that will affect a lot of us and we will stop it. For them to make another act this big is, quite frankly, stupid. People learn.
  24. You dont make any sense
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    Ok, to say it plainly, this act will be stopped because so many people use the internet. This act is a way to make the entertainment industry make a load more money basically. The government won't make another act as big as this, because they will the petitioned against and protested against so much that they have to give up. To say all governments want to just have power and wealth is wrong, it's just very common, and they hide it in these acts.
  26. Well i am not looking forward to a future where my my favorite sites and channels have to censor themselves every week or so, to avoid a piece of legislation being forced thru. That in itself is gonna ruin the internet. Thats why i think its pointless to resist legislation. If you wanna fight for freedom, or fight a good fiight, you gotta strike the root. You gotta be more productive. And that is shedding light on the inherent evil of the government, namely it is legitimised violence. Who ever thought that would be a good idea.
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    I don't think the government will ever give up. They can be very crafty sometimes. For example they like to pass acts during natural disasters since everybody's attention is on the disaster, and thus very little opposition to the act. Luckily this act is well known about and opposition should be strong enough to stop it.
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    Seriously, the way you are wording this seems to make no sense to me. What is the root? Saying the government is corrupt and all it does is bad won't get you anywhere. Not all their laws and acts are bad, just the minority. And "legitimised violence" , as you worded it, I'm not really getting this one. Violence is an action that is physical, this is an act that simply censor sights in order to stop piracy (I know it won't stop piracy but this is its purpose). What have they done that is violent?

    Yes, this act only got heard because of the huge population of the Internet. I am sure that this act, unless there are several large amendments made, will not be passed. But eventually something like this will be passed but it will have to be on a lot smaller scale as we are all alert, and know of these acts now.

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  29. The government is not just words. If you dont do as it tells you, it gets violent. You basically get dragged to jail or killed.
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    It's violent in the sense that it hinders our right of free speech and innovation so that the big companies can make more money. For example Activition is supporting this since they have competition from indie game developers. If sites like Youtube are shut down then then the indie game developers have no free places to advertise their product, and thus have been eliminated from the competition. Minecraft would actually be severely affected by this, even the possibility of going bust from lack of revenue.

    All the above is just my opinion on the situation, although it's a shared opinion with many other people
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    I always new SOPA was bad. I knew it could prtentially ruin the Minecraft community...... Then I saw the banner on Reddit. "SOPA could ruin Minecraft." That's when I totally spazzed.
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