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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Mrchasez, Aug 21, 2011.

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    Sorry, I really dont know, if this question was already answered or asked: What about a API, will there be one? Will it be like in GM? Thanks.
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    @Mrchasez: any plans on moving yr thread to dev.bukkit?
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    After we release a dev. build
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    @phaed: Despite your lack of a rational argument, logical examples, or even a single complete sentence, you've actually made me see your point and totally convinced me.
    You're right! Self-centered mod-devs shouldn't be trying to stuff their half-baked, unsolicited ideas down anyone's throat.
    Since the majority of the commentators here appear to have expressed an interest, or at least a curiosity, in the development of this mod and you've contributed nothing constructive to the discussion, it would only be the in the greater good of the present community for you to find another thread to flame.
    This is only the most humble of my own, unsolicited opinions spurred by your own obviously enlightened perspective.

    Or, I mean, you could throw a tantrum and insult me too.
    My five year old used to do that also. When she was three.

    which would make sense.
    just curious. trying to do all my thread-taggin' in both locations before the 1.8 madness leaves my head spinning.

    Carry on, sir!

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    I sure hope their is a map converter or something.
    Having to reset my server's map would be hell.
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    Are you (or plan to) working with the Essentials team as they have incorporated GM in the past into the Essentials Suite. Many server owners, myself included - with little time to spend obsessively managing their servers, find the Essentials/GM pairing to be a nice one and done package for servers where perhaps we are not quite as maniacal as some others here.
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    At this time, i have not thought about it.
    I would gladly do it in the future, but for now no one can really know
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    Was I too hash, sure. Did I get pissed, you betcha. Are my arguments illogical? Not one bit.
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    We heard your opinion you can go now.
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    You can suck it as well. You can be sure none of my plugins will ever support GroupManager. What you are doing here is a disservice to the community. Yes, this whole thread is full of people saying you should go ahead with releasing GroupManager once again. Well this is one of those moments where the majority is wrong.
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    You should really talk to those guys - get on IRC, esper.net #essentials

    Because they are also working on this, maybe your combined forces could implement something more efficiently and effectively...

    I don't think you have a choice, if GM+ merely acts as a PermissionsBukkit bridge then by supporting PermissionsBukkit, by proxy - support GM+.

    Everyone really needs to STFU - if bukkit has picked up where hMod had left off and listened to the requests of the server admins back in the first days - it would have incorporated a standard permissions system from day 1. Instead they allowed this mess to happen.

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  12. I translate:" Meh, meh, meh, got no cookies - throwing tantrum - meh, meh, meh! Me world would better place but nobody belive, meh, meh, meh!"
    Goddamit, how long will you continue that bull? Or are you just trolling? And your plugins? Hell, whos using that rubbish anyway? Please - just - leave.....:rolleyes:
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    Stop, HammerTime.
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    Hows everything coming along? Encountered any problems?
    Any update on when a beta will be ready?
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    Ill be home either tomorrow or the next day, Ill get straight back to work when i am :)
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