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Discussion in 'Community News and Announcements' started by EvilSeph, Jul 31, 2012.

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    Patently false - Google Adsense, at least, pays out on view. In addition, most ad networks will not pay out if their page does not load or is hidden immediately, i.e. if a visitor is using adblock.

    On a sidenote, we have no plans to implement advertising.

    If you're using AdBlock, you'll be missing out on some of the styles that need fixing up to fully remove the banner. If you want to properly fix the banner, please install http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/139599 and then visit this URL to configure it to hide the banner: http://forums.bukkit.org/#curseBarHide
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    No adds yet Google still pays you? hrmmm
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    We get paid by Google?!? WHERE'S MY MONEY!
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    I want to play.. :3
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    Am I the only one not seeing the "Become a premium member" anymore without using an adblock and such?
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    You're not insane! (on this)
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    Still showing for me, haven't bothered running any of the userscripts. Only reason it bothers me is because I'm on the free-to-devs Curse Premium and it's kind of odd it's still trying to convince me to get premium (the banner disappears after I log in on the MC forums - presumably it doesn't here since these forums don't use Curse accounts).
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    Deleted user

    Not for me :D. And are you the dude who made PermsBukkit?
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    It no longer shows up for those users who have associated their Forum account with their Curseforge account, and have been given free premium. I noticed you have not associated your account.
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    Ah, I'd forgotten to reassociate after lukegb nuked them all. Done so, guess I've got to wait a while for it to kick in.
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    I was secretly rolling this feature out. Glad you like it.

    (woo, back from holiday!)
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    I still see it :eek:
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    I see it when I'm at work but didn't see it at home yesterday. What's going on...
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    Just realised there's a bug - if you're not logged in (or logged in as a non-premium user) then that user's curse premium state will be cached across all user accounts logged into on that machine.

    Fixed, now.
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    Oh so that's what it was. I just couldn't figure out why I was sometimes seeing it and sometimes not.
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    Damn right
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    The Curse Premium link has now been removed for all visitors.
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    All that's left to fix is that when I change page, sometimes the list is open until I move the mouse.
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    bukkit needs curse and i only realiased its their now
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    Thank you! Your 200th like:p
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    There's not a problem with the bar. Never even noticed it until i read this thread anyway
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    i like it, its advertisment for other forems, not that i care :p
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    I just read through the entirety of this, and felt the need to post as I was so appalled.

    How do people dislike ads so much? Barring popups, ones that produce sound and inappropriate content, I have no idea what freakishly low level of intolerance even drives many of these posts.

    They're bars with a picture and text that take up a small portion of a page. WHY are people so upset about ANY ads on nearly ANY sites? Its REALLY not that big a deal.

    People in the past, and people currently in third world countries worry about constant war famine and disease, and you are complaining about a small banner on a website that possible takes .1 seconds to scroll past, as you were most likely to scroll anyways.

    And now you have me complaining about people complaining about ads on the internet. I blame you for dragging me into hypocrisy as well.
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    Seriously, its no fricken big deal. Do not take Bukkit for granted. Curse has now been supporting bukkit and been pouring lots of resources here. . Those complaining about it, shut up and go run your Adblocks or hide the bar.

    Now let us get back to helping the Staff of Bukkit find bugs on 1.4.5.
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