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Discussion in 'Community News and Announcements' started by EvilSeph, Jul 31, 2012.

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    What kind of bad can bring an ad from such good company?
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    will minecraft bukkit 1.3 release today?
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    I don't know how, but ad block knows if it is an ad, no matter if the image is hosted on the site or not. Either way, you can make it block ads that it may not block by default, no matter where it's hosted. What i'm trying to say is that you can make it block any videos, images, etc.
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    in the Curse Sites dropdown, Bukkit is the last link.
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    On the OTHER sites bukkit isn't showing. The dropdown on curse.com for example doesn't list bukkit.
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    The curse banner is probably one of the most unobtrusive ads I've ever seen. This is coming from someone who hates ads.
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    Of course, you could pay for hosting your own plugins. And this is far less intrusive than all of the damned ad fly crap that people use to make a few bucks off of their plugins, and they get the worst rate of return for that service than I have ever seen.

    Ads support sites like this. They wouldnt exist without them, its that simple. I run a fairly large site with 160 thousand members and 11 million posts, plus a Minecraft server on the side. The only reason I can do this without charging people is advertising. The bandwidth bills for that site and server are about $700 a month. File hosting something like Bukkit plugins is not cheap, even if they are very small. Millions of small downloads ad up to big bandwidth bills.

    Of course there are ads, and THEN THERE ARE ADS. I too hate the ones that stick out and pop up and interfere with your site experience, which is why I hate ad fly. This little Curse bar is nothing, and they are welcome to it. In fact I think they should have a banner at the bottom as well. Nothing that pops up, just a simple little banner.
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    So much to do over a little black bar??? Seriously guys! I saw it when I went to the site and went "Oh, a Curse banner, I wonder if I log in if it will hide it. Nope? Ah, well, they must still be working on it." Sure, it may be "annoying" to scroll an extra 30 pixels to get to your content, but does that really matter at the end of the day? IMHO I thought it was a nice addition and integration into their other sites and services that they offer. I'm a medium sized server owner and I rent a dedicated server, those things are expensive to get and run, yet I foot the bill myself. I have donation packages on my website, and ads for them in game, not because I'm greedy, but because as a server owner I don't really want to have to pay for the whole thing myself every single month. As it stands I think a lot of people who visit the bukkit forums really hate to think about paying for anything, including plugins which take us, as developers, time to develop, debug, test, and publish. With over 20 public plugins that I have created, guess how many people have shown appreciation and donated? 2, that's it. I understand that quite a few minecraft servers can't pay for plugins, yet I have some of my plugins that have seen massive distribution and getting onto some really big servers. So guess how I make it so that I can still bring these plugins to you? I will make plugins upon request, but for a fee, which big servers are happy to pay.

    I think the bottom line is that people, no matter where, when they see ads for something to buy, they get mad because they don't want to pay for anything, because, as we all know, the internet is free, right? Why do you think that we as plugin devs can't post any plugins that require you to pay for stuff on bukkit dev? Because people complain. So, guess what, I'm keeping some plugins I have private because of that so that I can actually sell them to server owners who really want something to bring their server above the rest. Although, an ad supported version on bukkit dev? Nah, probably never going to happen, it would get pulled.

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    But at least could they make it "smaller" like on minecraft forum

    The reason it is bigger on Bukkit is because it has the login tab underneath it.
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    I don't mind the banner at all. I've been using Curse for a long time now and I see that banner everywhere. I'm used to it.
  12. What matters is the end product, and bukkit wouldnt be what it is today without the community. but they never mention this, and give the impression that without curse the community would be nowhere
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    I have no complaints about the bar at all. It is rather unobtrusive and it leads to a few other sites that I visit on Curse. In fact, I didn't notice it until I went to this thread from the front page. And if it makes them back some of the cost, nothing wrong with that. I'm newly registered but have been downloading and using Bukkit builds since around Beta 1.6. For all the good that both Bukkit and Curse have done, it's well worth having a bar at the top.

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    yes it does. i clicked on a few. it's there.
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    Wouldn't have even noticed if it hadn't been pointed out. It's one thing to advertise, it's another to support those who support you. I'd be fine if it was left just the way it was, personally, as long as that's pretty much going to be the extent of it.
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    Ad block would save your life.
    Anywho, do you have any ETA on the first 1.3 build?
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    Whats the URL then?
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    LOL.. I hadn't even noticed the Curse bar 'til now. I use the Curse Client tho, for WOW and Skyrim and I really like how easy it is to use. I want to congratulate you guys behind Craftbukkit for being part of Curse, and Mojang. Thanks all of you, for doing a damn great work for the gaming community.
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    I already do pay for hosting my own plugins, minecraft server, server forums, ts3 etc.
    Thank god for Adblock! No more crappy bar :D I forgot about adblock heh.

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    So people are willing to take the time to download and install adblock, I'm sure they're too ignorant to realize that the curse bar benefits bukkit, thanks for not supporting them for their hard work on providing a free mod for millions!
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    It only takes a second to download AdBlock, I don't know where you live. As for not supporting their hard work, I think using the mod is thanks enough. Were on a .org website right?
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    I already had adblock installed - I just forgot it had the option to block specifics. Thank god, eh?
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    The least the Bukkit community can do is give them some money by having an ad on the page every once in a while. After all, Bukkit is free and most servers couldn't exist without it.
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    I didn't mind it at all except whenever I clicked on a plugin on plugins.bukkit.org in the new window the curse bar menu thing was always expanded, This may have been due to my browser, and it didn't cover anything important but it kinda annoyed me for some reason... [tnt] Made me have a kinda [zombie] face... Otherwise, It was fine.
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    They bought the Bukkit project, and it wasn't pulling its weight in linking back to the Curse project. So they're trying to fix that, by making it apparent that its not independant.
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    Curse did not buy Bukkit.
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    I didn't even notice the Curse bar. This site is on Curse. I don't have a problem with the bar. Or even the become a premium member thing. They can keep that there, as far as I'm concerned.

    I also don't mind if they try to recoup their expenses with some ads. Just keep them to the sides or something - and not in the middle of the content like some places do. Oh, and please no popup ads. Those are really annoying.

    Anyway, they're providing a good service for our community.
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    Personally i think the Become premium should appear on the right not the left.
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    The monthly subscription for curse... is not a large benefit for Minecraft players. Not the same as if you are a warcraft player - then the update program is fantastic and I highly suggest it! Perhaps if curse added more benefits for MC players it would sell more.

    Curse should consider some changes to that or focus more on Donation links directly to Bukkit perhaps and let Bukkit share those with them.

    I hope developers donate to bukkit - the same as real server admins - should all donate to the plugins devs. Every bit helps!
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