On Bukkit and Curse

Discussion in 'Community News and Announcements' started by EvilSeph, Jul 31, 2012.

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    Doesn't bother me at all :)
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    Cursed curse bar. :)
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    Wow - you really focus that much on the top 30-40 pixels of a webpage?

    And the 160px of space used by your and others sig's (and thats just the cropped area) are all fine then? ;)

    Also, like me - don't you get premium free anyways for being Dev of a popular plugin?
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    Like I suspect quite a few other people, I'd like it if the Curse stuff was on the same level as the Account stuff on the right (Inbox, Log Out etc.) since having both bars looks odd.

    I don't know if this can be CSS'd (making the forum bar the same color as the Curse one, shrinking its width to fit, and moving it to the same level as the curse bar) - if it can, great! If not... I'll try not to cry into my keyboard ;)
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    One of the most stupidest questions i have ever heard. Maybe the Bukkit team could better focus on coding the 1.3 Bukkit, instead of answering this foolish questions of the forums...
  6. *holds and comforts MuisYa* shhh its okay. Remember most mc fans are under the age of 3.
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    If the Curse Bar was to scroll along with the window, it'd be horribly annoying.

    Otherwise it's not a problem. :)
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    Hahahahahaha. A 100% true, 13 year old kids who think they are smart. Uuh how do i change this config file TUNG IM AN IDIOT -.-
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    I think this would be a great place for thanking Curse. Working with them has been so amazing, and they are a really good example of a company that has done it right; they have fantastic, caring people working for them who go out of their way to assist us. I'm not trying to try and make you guys think one way or another, but when I came back to see the banner I was kind of proud, but at the same time knew it might cause issues. I just want to tell you guys and curse how much of a pleasure it has been being able to work with them. Thanks for all you guys have done for this community :D
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    If the user in question is premium to begin with, the bar shouldn't be shown, period (after all, it is an AD for other curse sites and Curse Premium is supposed to remove ads. From Curse.com/premium: Curse.com and our major network sites are already ad free with your membership).
    There is no way to justify it, regulations? Nah, we did fine without it and can continue to do fine without it.

    Also, to those of you whom are trying to justify the bar by saying that it provides you with easy navigation to other curse sites, ever heard about bookmarks and especially the bookmarks bar that is underneath your address bar?

    This is damage control, and that's about it.
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    They get much more from Bukkit than Bukkit gets from them. Several thousand more users / site hits / traffic daily, etc. This equates much more than hard cash, imo.
    Already done.
    Agreed, it's red-tape for them to push crap on an unsuspecting and honest user-base.
    I shouldn't have to 'find a way' if it servers no purpose and is there just to flaunt their crap Premium service.
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    i like it, it supports them!
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    I minded the Curse bar so much I have been a premium member for years now LOL :). All joking aside I like curse and I
    have always supported them by becoming a premium member a bout 4-5 years ago. And before i got my 1st premium membership i did not mind the curse ads anyway
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    They have to follow certain rules for them to still support Bukkit.
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    Rules that they make themselves. They're not doing this because they are forced to, they are doing this because they want money/traffic.
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    As long as it never goes position:fixed, I'll stay happy.
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    I thought that banner was always there O.O

    It seemed like it was always there, so I don't understand why someone would really notice such a small thing...
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    The Curse bar is small and unobtrusive. No issues as far as i'm concerned. I'm actually surprised that it isn't pinned to the top of the viewport though... so it stays within view even while the page gets scrolled. As far as AdSense is concerned... tbh, I use AdBlock so I wouldn't even see the ads if they were here. I am not a fan of ads in the sidebars, but the curse bar in the header and maybe something in the footer would be fine.
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    That may be true (in all honestly it probably is) But who cares its just a black bar at the top of the screen.
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    I care, because I have complimentary premium from Curse. With premium I should get no ads. That bar's existence and the "become premium" text (that I know EvilSeph stated was just temporary) is an ad itself.

    They are contradicting themselves.
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    If you hate ads, I recommend getting Google Chrome and the ad block adon. It's completly free and it doesn't block out things like the curse banner. The curse banner technically isn't an ad. If it was flashing and annoying, It would probably be considered an ad and be blocked by ad block. Since I have ad block, I don't really care if the bukkit staff ads ads or not, just as long as I can use ad block and block them out! They still get the benefits of having ads on their site, I just won't have to see them!
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    >mfw reading this thread

    It's sad to see how many people here think that Curse is a saintly company that just wants to help. q.q
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    I think since the images are hosted at this domain it wouldn't be blocked anyway.

    I think DrAgonmoray just proposed hosting the forums and plugins himself for free :D

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    I would if I gave the slightest pineapple about this community.

    But I think you missed what I was saying. I didn't say that Curse doesn't help, because they DO host that stuff. But they're not a company that wants to spread love and joy throughout the internet because they care. They're like every other company in the world: they wan't money and more business.
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    Can't one be awesome and gain money from it? (Not saying Curse is awesome)
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    The bar as it is doesn't bother me. Throw up some ads and they'll be blocked with zeal though :p
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    I don't made the bar. I don't mind ads one bit as long as the do not prevent me from doing what I set out do on the internet. I don't even mind 3 min long commercials on youtube now that I have grown used to it. People have to understand that to over a free service still requires someone to foot the bill. Just because it is free for you doesn't mean that there isn't someone out there paying for your "free service" like bukkit. They don't charge us a thing but still have enormous costs they must maintain. The best way to do this is with ads. The good companies like say youtube and even bukkit know that none of us want ads that popup and try and trick you into clicking them with say a fake exit button or just simply get in your way. I believe most rational thinking adults and young adults realize this is the way things work and as of yet the best way to provide the free or low cost service. Though one thing Im sure most are curious about (not sure haven't read all the forum replies here) is what regulation forces curse to place ads on bukkit or any site for that matter? As one of the first posters stated there are a few sites that do not have the curse bar on them and yet are supported by curse. So is it a matter of how much money they spend on a site under their wing that determines if they must put this bar up or what exactly is the determining factor? I just think most of us are curious and not upset. Though I'm sure there are some people who seriously hate ads being placed on any website that are upset. Anywho I really love bukkit and curse isn't so bad either so put as many ads as you need to as long as it doesn't hinder my normal everyday life.
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    I support whatever it takes for companies to support the community...
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    Some people are just childish. It's a stupid black bar, you must have a really small mind for that to bother you, you are already getting bukkit for free, do you really think the hosting is for free? Do you send facebook threatening letters as well for having ads all over the place? or google? or youtube? Free services must make money somehow to continue growing. so stfu, or get a life. Seriously, your taskbar takes up more space, and if it really bothers you so much then go back to the 1980's.
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    Personally, I honestly don't see why everyone is so mad about it. I'm glad that Bukkit is still existent today, and without Curse, they probably wouldn't be here. The bar at the top is small and doesn't really annoy me. It would be one thing if the background of the forums was filled with a million pictures... or the bar scrolled down with you. Honestly though, as long as Bukkit can stay, I'm happy.
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