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    Before starting, I would like to clarify that this plugin already exists, there is even more than one about this, but, they have all been tested and all of them have bugs that become into exploits that players can abuse, and also bugs that make the plugin look bad. Already tried to contact those authors, but none of them answered me and it has been months since my messages, so I consider that those plugins are abandoned. That is why I would like to request this, I will even give extra ideas to make this plugin request more interesting so it can become an actual very cool plugin for lot of people. (I actually don't mind that much those extra ideas, but they will probably like to lot of people)

    Plugin category:

    Minecraft version: Support from 1.8.x to 1.15.x
    (I'm using 1.8.8 because of combat mechanics, I know there is a plugin fix for that in newer versions but players that are very into PvP skills, know that it is not totally fixed)

    Suggested name:

    List of name ideas for the plugin:
    - OldEnchanting Mechanics (from 1.7)
    - Configurable Enchant Mechanic
    - EnchantingDifficult
    - HarderEnchantments
    (Choose the one you like more :D)

    What I want:

    I'm creating a large server about Factions, and focus the thematic of it on making everything raidable, so that even obsidian breaks with TnT. I'm making the harvest of resources the most difficult as posible, and a big Key Crates system to make it funnier. I would also like to make enchantments more difficult to get, and I always remember the old 1.7 enchantment mechanics, and I would love to have it again.
    The primary stuff that I would want/like for the plugin, is to have the following options in the config.yml of the plugin:
    - LapisCost (default enabled): If this is set to false, then it will add automaticaly 3 lapis on the lapis spot, so that the player doesn't need to look for lapis.
    - OldExpCost (default enabled): When it is enabled (as default), the exp that the enchantments ask you for enchanting, will take that exp instead of just 1, 2 or 3 levels. So if for example the second enchant that worth 17 exp levels (with 2 lapis), it will take you the 17 levels instead of just 2. If it is set to false, it will work as always.
    - HideEnchants (default enabled): When it is enabled (as default), when you hover your mouse over the enchantments, you can't see what they are (like on the 1.7 version), but if it is set to false, then you will be able to see enchantments as usual.

    Extra ideas for the plugin: (This is the secondary stuff that I would like for the plugin)
    - RandomizeEnchants (default disabled): When this is enabled, every time you take and put again a tool for enchanting it, the 3 enchantments get randomized. When it is disabled (as default), it won't randomize the enchantments, for example, if you take and put again a sword on the enchantment item slot, the enchantments will be always the same until you decide to enchant it.
    - EnchantPermission (default disabled): When you enable it, a permission node is required for opening an enchanting table in order to enchant your tools. It would also be cool to have a subnode in this to change the display message when trying to open an enchanting table and without having the permission.

    Ideas for commands: I don't really mind about having detailed commands in this, although it would be useful to have a reload command. An idea would be to make all the settings in the config.yml able to be changed directly through commands, but I personally don't mind this that much.

    Ideas for permissions: The permission design would depend on what name you choose for the plugin, but here are some examples on how should they look:
    - For access the reload command: oldenchanting.reload, harderenchantments.reload
    - For changing settings through command: oldenchanting.hideenchants, oldenchanting.lapiscost or even one for all the nodes: oldenchanting.admin
    - For opening enchanting table: oldenchanting.enchant

    When I'd like it by: I don't see this as a simple plugin to code, I would already be very happy to hear that someone is trying to work on this plugin request. Honestly I would love to have this in a few days, but I know it won't happen, I'm fine waiting even months to have it ready. ^^
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    timtower Administrator Moderator

    How do you expect to have all those versions supported?
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    I know, it must be a mess, my bad, well can it be for 1.8.8?
    I'm ok with the main ideas for the OldEnchanting plugin:
    - HideEnchant
    - OldExpCost
    Thanks for reading!
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    Friendly remined that it's impossible as everything in a enchanting table is clientside,we can only modify the result not what enchants are being shown
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    There is a plugin on Github that is called "OldEnchanting" by Arnuh, but it has a big exploit on the lapiscost (setting that I actually don't neccesary need it on the plugin) that makes it inusable. But the HideEnchant setting actually works well as expected, though it has a bug that on enchants with an exp level cost lower than 3, won't hide, anyways, as you told above that you could also change the "result", it would be cool to also add a mechanic that change to a random enchant when clicking for enchanting something, so that way no one will be able to know what will they get on enchants, even if they manage to see the hidden enchants by some way and also fixing the error with lower exp cost enchants.

    EDIT: I would actually like a plugin like that one, but it is no longer updated. I don't need the "lapiscost" and the "randomizeenchants" settings, I'm ok with the "HideEnchants" and "OldEnchantsCost" settings, and also the addon mechanic for the HideEnchants that I told on the previous paragraph. Thanks again for reading!
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