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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Squirzy, Apr 28, 2012.

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    Thread is old. Please delete
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    Add frost.brood on skype and please say GoldenGaming told you about him. He is coding a new shopping system already, and he has coded a minecraft voting system in the past used by legendarycraft.
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    I too would be interested in this very same product.
  4. This could be implemented in Buycraft i you want?


    Going to be implemented and will arrive within a few days.


    PM if you wanna help test
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    No thanks - I don't want it integrated into another plugin, just a standalone.
  6. Fair enough, it wouldnt actually be reliant on Buycraft, just it would come with the existing plugin.

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    I'd be interested in attempting to make something like this standalone!

    lmc mind if I take a look at how you're hooking in?
  8. I personally havent added it yet as I didnt bother after the OP wasnt interested. Send me a PM and we can talk!
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    PHP - Sends to MySQL database - Java picks it up.. processes command reliant on the purchase
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    Has this been done yet?
    If it hasn't pm me (I already have a plugin that does this)
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    I'd really like a plugin that does that for my server.
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    Anyone have a plugin like this PM me (rewarded) ;)

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