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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by xTrollxDudex, Oct 12, 2014.

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    Because all of the "lets make a new Bukkit" posts are really annoying.

    If you didn't know, it is hard to find developers willing to put the effort in to make an alternative Bukkit possible- You have no idea how much dedication Wolverness has put into the Bukkit project, very few can replicate the same effort to make just a Bukkit alternative, much less have the time or experience to do so.
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  2. xTrollxDudex I very much agree with you here, but do you really think those people still making these threads actually read any other threads first? :p
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    Well, I had to look down pretty far before the last one came up
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    No knock on Wolvereness, but you make it sound like he did the whole thing himself. He has the third-most commits to Bukkit behind Dinnerbone and EvilSeph and the sixth-most commits to CraftBukkit behind those two, Amaranth, Feildmaster and Grum.
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    He commited the second most lines of code in Bukkit, however, I don't have any data for CraftBukkit.
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