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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by Drakia, Oct 11, 2011.

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    When will BukkitDev allow offsite hosting of downloads?
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    I personally like the fact that bukkit dev offers plugin download hosting.
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    To each their own. I prefer to have control over my content however. I'm not asking for strictly off site hosting, I am asking for the OPTION to host my own files.
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    Well, I don't see as a problem to allow this. So why not? :D
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    Don Redhorse

    me neither... repos are already available offsite.. it doesn't need to be in the download tab / section imho.. just a link like before for downloads..

    without any of the stupid shorteners though please..

    If you need download counters you can use something like sugarsync public files.. or dev.bukkit..
  6. That's where it gets tricky, the link shorteners.

    I also would love to see this, but there are 2 problems at the moment:
    1. We need to get the download approvals resolved.
    2. (As stated) Link shorteners could become an issue again. If you are simply allowed to submit a link to where users can find your plugin, an link could easily be submitted (or any other number of shortener that could take you to

    However, at the current time, there is nothing from stoping you (or me :D) from hosting off-site in addition to the on-site.

    We have our slave worker Jenkins, building away and even creating new images when new builds are promoted for new ABs.

    For now, this will be the solution that we can all live with, it's really not an amount of work to upload a file after you promote it in your builder and upload. Tell users "If you're brave, download from the link above here", and even consider hosting beta/nightlies as links, and only upload stables!

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    If you allow off-site download links, you run the extra risk of malicious content. And we're not going to visit every link to check whether it's real, safe, or non-adfly.
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    You guys don't do ANYTHING to stop malicious content. File approval is just you clicking a button and not looking at the file.

    @fernferret I refuse to host my files there, that's whats stopping me.
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    Not going through this again with you... This has been discussed multiple times and I'd rather not have this thread side tracked by another one of your discussions.

    Currently we're not stopping people from linking to external downloads within their project description, this could change in the future however for now it seems to be fine.

    The likelihood of the main download button being customisable and being able to point to an external resource is slim to none.
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    I don't care if I can change the main download button, having my project not limited when I don't have a file uploaded is what I'm asking for.

    Also, this is my topic asking a question based on MY opinion, don't tell me what I can and can't post here.
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    Someone should submit a jar that tries to write on the root/c: to see if it gets approved.

    As for the offsite download link, it takes longer for me to upload on my website and to update the link in the description than just clicking upload file. But that's just me, I know some people have automated jar creation offsite.
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    don't worry, I'll have one up sooner rather than later ;)
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    im watching you!
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    Even when he's showering?
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    Don Redhorse

    Why not use sugarsync or dropbox... automatic upload... sugarsync allows you to make any file public directly, even if it isn't fully uploaded yet and supports multiple directories... my whole repo incl the test server is in there..

    If you need extra space, send me a pm and I send you a link..

    PS: whats wrong with quoting?
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    Daniel Heppner

    I would love to use an offsite download. I'm not saying that it should be a link in the body, but to have it point to a nice Jenking build system or GitHub or my own site where I can keep better track of things would be great. I see nothing stopping this from happening besides your stupid file approval thing which doesn't even work.
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    maybe a domain whitelist? or a dropdown that autofills the beginning of the URL ensuring only safe (trusted by the general community) urls are used
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    Which would defeat the ability to host my files myself...
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  20. @Drakia Geez, just put a link in you project page. No one is stopping you.
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    for now, they could change that at anytime and force people to use curse's file hosting
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    I refuse to host ANY file on curse, my project wont show up until I put a file up, that stops me.
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    Don Redhorse

    They could also stop developing bukkit... sigh...

    Put up a README.

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    "Hello, this is a README file please download my plugin from xxxxxx because I didn't want to put it on curse"
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    Don Redhorse

    Well he would have a file than or not? And he can put up the link in the description.
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    What if that happened to you? NOT SO KINKY ANYMORE TOUGH GUY!
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    No it's not that kind of problem, I'm just lazy in my website setup. I got tons of unused space and unlimited bandwidth. It's just that at the moment I have to login, go to the file manager, upload... I should of just reset my FTP password and do everything there.

    As for automatic uploads, at the moment I am creating the jar in the Plugins folder of my test server and once I'm confident with the changes I upload it at that moment.
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    A README isn't enough to get your project accepted. I've already asked.
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    Don Redhorse

    lol, me too.. after testing I put it into my repo folder though.. so it is on github (yeah I know) and on sugarsync... and than I upload it to dev.bukkit... so I have a static link which is always up to date on sugarsync... a download counter too.. and it works without me being online or anything like approval on dev.bukkit... which was fast in the last days..

    the moving of plugins here or getting the badge... there I said it... takes longer..
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    Yeah I feel bad about new submitters. I myself just recently started making plugins and was in the last batch that got approved in mass. The last plugin I submitted is still waiting since September 29th.
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