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    I'm an experienced PHP programmer and I'm looking for someone who can write in Java safe, reliable and clean code.

    The problem with current auth plugins is that none of them is flexible enough. Those guys tell me how my database should look, they write forum plugins in java instead of giving us a aimple API so we can desing database our way etc. Those plugins lack basic functionality, and very often its inproperly documented or it looks like shit and does not fit anything. Or the plugin is dead and unmaintained.

    How the plugin should look ?

    Less is better. Less code in java means more flexibility. Generally I want something like:
    - user should be able to register his username + email
    - instead of MySql make it use API described below


    str status = OK, FAILED
    str message - message displayed to a user

    Check if a username exists:
    params {str username, str ipaddress}
    response: json {str status, str message}

    Register new user:
    params {str username, str email, str password, str ipaddress}
    response: json {str status, str message}

    Login (get inventory):
    params {str username, str password (optional), str ipaddress}
    response: json {str status, str message, array inventory}

    Logout (notify web service and save inventory):
    params {str username, str type [logout, timeout], array inventory}
    response: json { str status, str message}

    Example registration scenario:

    1. User connects to our MC server.
    2. plugin makes an api call:
    status: failed, message: "Please register !"
    3. User types /register 123 a@b.c
    4. plugin calls:
    status: OK, message: "Hi Josh ! Thanks for joining us !"

    Who wants to help ?
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    I may be interested.
    Ill think about it
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    API and the whole web-services-part coding will be assigned to me of course and can be done including documentation by the end of this week.
    I'm in a little rush.

    I wrote it. It's still in development but all main features are there.
    Topic closed.

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