Util Offline Player Data Loader [1.4.7 to 1.8]

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Techcable, Feb 9, 2015.

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    Have you ever wanted to load the data of a player that is offline, and needed to stay compatible with multiple versions?

    I did too, so i created a class to load player data from a file called Offline Player Loader.

    Source Code

    Call OfflinePlayerLoader.loadPlayer to load an offline player

    To get an offline player's health:
    public static double getHealth(UUID playerId)
      Player loaded = OfflinePlayerLoader.loadPlayer(playerId);
      return loaded.getHealth();
    Projects Using
    This plugin access server internals through reflection, so although it doesn't usually break between versions, it may. Please tell me if it doesn't work.
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    @Techcable Would it cause a memory leak if it's not unloaded later?
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    Normally the server stores a reference to the player object and unloads it when the player logs off unless you also have a reference to the player. Here only you have a reference so the java GC will reclaim the memory after you are done.
    If you find one, please let me know.
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    This is awesome! Should people run the loadPlayer() method in another thread though?
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    @Techcable Is this so you can get the player's information from their dat file?
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    It gets a Player instance from a UUID or String, and yes, it loads it from the .dat file afaik.
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    @GriffinPvP I wanted to know the purpose though. Creating a Player is a bit unnecessary if you only need access to the information in their dat file.
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    Well it's easier to have a wrapper for all the data instead of having to get them directly from the .dat.
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    i have only one question, why all this BS "coding" instead of simple and effective NBT stream reader baked by two layer hashmap?
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    I don't think it's thread safe.
    This works on all versions from 1.4.7 to 1.8 without relying on obfuscated code, and reading the nbt data from file is hard and error prone.

    What is "BS" about reflection?
    Reading the data from an nbt file is hard to implement if you need to preserve all the data (enchantments, lore, skul properties, map data, etc.) in an itemstack.
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    NBT is open format, you can grab all required code from mojang's github without obfuscation and ever with comments and IO such files without any knowledge about how they works.

    as for 3rd party implementation - reading NBT is not any harder then theading plain text.
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    @Techcable Or just look at how minecraft does it.....
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    This seems nice, but just out of curiosity, I have a question:
    What happens if I try to, lets say, teleport a player / give him an item / set his health / etc.? Will it happen but just when the players log back again (he will log in where I teleported him / with the item I gave him / with the health I gave him when he was out)?

    Can someone please test this?
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    Teleporting players is untested, but setting health and items is tested by my plugin, CombatTagReloaded. Once he logs back in, he will get his stuff.
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