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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Wesley R Tech, Jun 19, 2019.

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    Wesley R Tech


    I had an idea for a simple offline claiming plugin. What do I mean by offline claiming?

    A player can claim land. When the owner of the land goes offline, the land is locked (cannot place or break blocks) when the owner is online, the land is free!

    This would be really cool, because it still allows for warfare and conflict - but eliminates the unfairness of logging on and wrecking things when an enemy is offline.

    The annoying this is that when someone trashes someone else's base while they're offline, the victim is helpless to stop it. Now, if someone wants to mess with someone, they have to do it in a reasonably fair way.

    Just a cool idea, that I REALLY NEED for my server!
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    On the other hand, if owner sees he's getting raided he can purposefully go offline to protect own land with no effort.
    Are you sure that's what you want?
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    You could add like a timer of a configurable amount of seconds, before the land will be locked. And this timer should reset each time a player inside that land moves or interacts.
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    You didn't describe the "land claiming". How does one claim a land?
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    Wesley R Tech

    Probably just with a simple command. Like /claim

    Good point, though if a player is in some kind of clan/faction then everyone in the clan would need to log off. And yeah, I think a timer might be a great idea!

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    Sorry I saw him saying he'll want to use /claim to claim land, but be more specific /claim will claim like 5x5 or a claim wand that highlights the area with glowstone? I see a lot of these other ideas from other plugins, ONLY suggesting not planning on doing this, I'm too new to learning java.
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