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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Gosintary, Nov 6, 2017.

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    I would like a plugin that adds Odd Currency to the server!

    Odd currency can be obtained only by command(I plan to put them into loot tables with Phatloots)

    You use Odd currency to purchase items from the odd shop accessible by /oc shop

    The odd shop will be a 9 slot GUI. Items are put in through the config.

    The config would look like this

         Price: 5
         Name: '&a&lTest Item'
         Command: 'kill %player%'
         Price: null
         Name: ''
         Command: ''
      (You get the idea 1 for all 9 slots)
    (Slot2 is an example of an empty slot)
    Command - Permission - Description
    /oc {amount} - oc.admin - gives player a certain amount of oc
    /oc shop - oc.player - opens oc shop

    Oc item should be a slimeball with the name "&a&lOdd Currency" and the lord of "&5Maybe you could spend it on something useful!"

    I would like this ASAP comment with any questions!
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    Just noticed my original reply was removed...
    /oc [amount] - oc.admin - gives player an amount of OC
    /oc shop - oc.player - opens oc shop
    Pretty straightforward once you see it I think...
    use player.sender as the nameholder/variable for the person sending the command.
    Command: give player.sender egg 64
    -This item would give whoever clicked on the specified item 64 eggs.

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    @iAmAJiu Old reply was removed due to the mediafire link that you used.
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