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    Hi, i was Looking for a way to Generate a Large Ocean World in Addition to the SphereWorld Plugin (wich my User Like Very Much), and my CoAdmin would love to also have a vast Ocean World, wich we could Decorate with some self made UnderWater Plants.

    I found a plugin wich would be Started alongside Bukkit wich was called "Phoenix Terrain Mod" or something. But I didnt get it to Work. So i was Looking for a normal Plugin for Bukkit wich could Create a nice Ocean World. With only a few small Islands.

    Hope Somebody can Help me.
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    Im pretty sure a good developer could put this together pretty quick becuase ive seen ones that make it all flatgrass so they would just replace that with water. I would use this if it was made but it might cause lagg for a server.

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    That looks Amazing, and it would work for me. But when can you add the Ressources and Trees?
    Can you maybe add a Little bit Customation on that like with the Phoenix Terrain mod?
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    Trees are added - resources are being worked on.

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