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Discussion in 'Resources' started by Olivier Thévenoz, Feb 3, 2011.

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  1. First of all, Hello everybody,

    I am quite new to minecraft, having started last week. I found the animal behavior quite strange, the fact that they are popping and unpopping as time goes by.

    I have in mind to start a mod/plug-in that changes that behavior to a more suitable popping of animals a death of animals if they are alive too long. Reproduction by proximity, and herding a cow cattle in a closed field or hen-housing or building a pigsty that will stay are some features that I would find great adding. I have downloaded the server source code and looked a bit at the classes I would need to use or in which I would have to add features. However, I found out that a few classes that seem pretty essential to my mod were obfuscated, meaning that I would have to screw my eyes out before understanding the code. I am asking if someone has a idea on how to bypass those obfuscated classes or how to get a readable version of them.

    Hoping to get an encouraging answer, Olivier
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    Sorry for the disturbance, I just found out about MCP, I will see if it works well
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    Alex Nolan

    I too am interested in this type of thing, but I don't recognize the abbreviation MCP [​IMG]
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    Joshua Neicho

    MCP = Minecraft Coder Pack
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    Use JAD.
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