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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by tyfair1, Aug 31, 2019.

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    Hey guys ever since i started my server, people could vote but there weren't any rewards or broadcast/console messages. I have the following installed

    I also have a really hard difficult time understanding mcserversorg, i attached a image, i am not sure if i am entering the correct ip/port/votifier IP. I am entering my server name and my server IP like it tells me to. I am not sure if it wants me to put my server domain or ip. Because it doesn't specify
    And here are the following config in the corresponding order:

    # The IP to listen to. Use if you wish to listen to all interfaces on your server. (All IP addresses)
    # This defaults to the IP you have configured your server to listen on, or if you have not configured this.
    # Port to listen for new votes on
    port: 2291
    # Setting this option to true will disable handling of Protocol v1 packets. While the old protocol is not secure, this
    # option is currently not recommended as most voting sites only support the old protocol at present. However, if you are
    # using NuVotifier's proxy forwarding mechanism, enabling this option will increase your server's security.
    disable-v1-protocol: false
    # All tokens, labeled by the serviceName of each server list.
      # Default token for all server lists, if another isn't supplied.
      default: 67dh4u96rokt7rs54ar2is0cmd
    # Configuration section for all vote forwarding to NuVotifier
      # Sets whether to set up a remote method for fowarding. Supported methods:
      # - none - Does not set up a forwarding method.
      # - pluginMessaging - Sets up plugin messaging
      method: none
        channel: nuvotifier:votes
    # Sends private message to the voting player.
    private-message: '&eThanks for voting!'
    # Sends public broadcast to server.
    public-message: '&e%name% has voted!'
    # Commands to be performed only if the player is offline, without the slash.
      - 'broadcast &eDo /vote to vote for our server, just like %name% &edid!'
    # Commands to be performed if the player voted offline and joins the server.
      - '%name% &7logged in after voting!'
      - 'msg %name% Here is your prize for voting!'
      - 'give %name% wood 64'
    # Commands to be performed only if the player is online.
      - 'give %name% diamond 1'
      - 'money give %name% 200'
    # Commands to be performed after a given amount of time.
    # Separate command from time using ';' and define the time
    # using 'h' (hour), 'm' (minute), 's' (second). Exclude the slash
    # in front of the command unless the command requires another slash.
      - 'group set %name% user;24h'
      - 'spawn %user%'
    # Note: Stopping or reloading the server will execute the timed commands.

    # SuperbVote configuration
    # A superb vote plugin made by Tux.
    # [URL][/URL]
    # Database configuration.
      database: json
      file: votes.json
      username: root
      password: topsecret
      database: superbvote
      table: votes
      read-only: false
    # General vote configuration.
      # At least this many seconds must pass before allowing another vote (per-service). This will apply per service.
      # Default: 3600 seconds (1 hour)
      cooldown-per-service: 3600
      # Whether or not to treat fake votes as real votes
      process-fake-votes: true
    # Rewards. This is the main section you will need to edit. Ordering is important.
      # Example of matchers. See [URL][/URL] for a full list of available
      # matchers.
      - if:
      permission: superbvote.test
      chance-percentage: 5
      service: SpecialService
      - give %player% diamond 4
      - eco give %player% 1000
      player-message: "&aThanks for meeting nearly impossible conditions, you have been rewarded with 4 diamonds and $1000."
      broadcast-message: "&a%player% got really lucky and was rewarded with 4 diamonds and $1000!"
      # A default reward is required. Default rewards are defined by using default: true as a matcher. No other matchers can
      # be used with this matcher and only one such reward can be the default reward.
      - if:
      default: true
      - eco give %player% 1000
      player-message: "&aThanks for voting for us on %service%, you have been rewarded with $1000."
      broadcast-message: "&a%player% has voted for us on %service% and was rewarded with $1000!"
    # Whether or not players need to be online to vote. If set, offline player votes are queued for when the player next logs in.
    require-online: true
    # Broadcast settings:
      # Should we broadcast votes at all?
      enabled: true
      # Should we tell players if they voted?
      message-player: true
      # Should we broadcast queued votes?
      queued: true
    # Vote command.
    # See [URL][/URL]
    # and [URL][/URL] for json text format
      enabled: true
      use-json-text: false
      text: |-
    # Vote reminder.
      message: "&cDon't forget to vote for us! You currently have &a%votes%&c votes."
      on-join: true
      repeat: 180
    # Controls the /sv <top/leaderboard> command.
      # Supported: text, scoreboard
      display: text
      # The text format supports pagination.
      per-page: 10
      header: "&c&m  &r&b Top Voters &r&c&m  &r"
      entry: "&e%num%. &7%player% (&e%votes%&7 votes)"
      page: "&7(page %page%/%total%)"
      # Control the scoreboard.
      title: Top voters
      max: 10
    # Control top player signs.
      - "#%num%"
      - ""
      - "%player%"
      - "&l%votes% &rvotes"

    i posted help and havent gotten a response

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