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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by DutchJellyV2, Jul 3, 2020.

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    I encountered another weird issue. Consider the following code:
    for(String key : config.getKeys(false)){
        ConfigurationSection subSection = config.getConfigurationSection(key);
        if(subSection == null) Bukkit.getLogger().info("null section found");
    How would it be possible that it finds a null section. My config.yml is similar to this structure:
      ==: blahblah
      anotherkey: anothervalue
    I have no clue why my configurationsection suddenly gets a value of null. The debug output is even showing that it's trying to get the section of 'key'.
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    @DutchJellyV2 Just because a key with that name exists doesn't mean it's a section, check for that.
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    I think I already found the issue to this problem.

    To give you some more context: I was trying to manually use ConfigurationSerialization.deserializeObject(...) in order to deserialize a section. Appearently, when you use == as a key, it's changing the behavious of getConfigurationSection(..). The deserialization from yamlconfigurations is supposed to be done through a class cast, which solved my issue. So I changed the code to (YourClass)config.get(..).

    Let me know if I need to also explain how I handle serialization using the ConfigurationSerialization class of Spigot in detail!

    Yeah it really was a section, but the built-in serialization seemed to be interfering with my own methods. Thanks for the suggestion anyways! Sometimes you just need to see some different perspectives to the problem to solve it.

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