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    I've seen a few posts on another forum about adding uranium, and having nuclear power plants. Would it be possible to implement this:
    There would be a new ore, uranium ore, which can be crafted or smelted into uranium ignots.
    The ingots can then be used in a furnace, used to power minecarts, or turned into blocks that would go into a reactor.
    This reactor would be a room filled with the blocks, and would require water to be poured on them. If the blocks heat up too much, they would melt into lava(or do something along the lines of melting).
    When the water contacts the blocks, it would turn to steam, and if the steam hits redstone, it would power it for a few seconds. The steam would disappear if it floats too high.

    Would something like this be possible? I know it might require a client-side mod, due to the added blocks. I have experience with C#, so I might be able to help develop this.
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    That seems really complicated, good luck. A coal-powered power plant seems more... basic.
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    A very interesting idea, worth of adding to this, that I am working on:

    Would be cool, but I'll have to look at how the coal works in the game, and well since uranium is radioactive, it would be wise, if holding it in hand would damage you in a time period. What from the looks of your idea I could do is make the block for the ore, make the uranium bars, that you can get from processing the ore, and well make the uranium bar work like coal, but with a longer duration, about it dealing to the player damage while holding, that I think I won't be able to achieve, since I know almost nothing about java coding, only Turbo Pascal, that I learned more than 5 years ago :p

    Also about the frequency of the uranium, well it should probably be spread across even less than diamond, to balance up the game compared to the coal, since it would server a lot longer.

    I am gonna use this plugin for adding the extra blocks to the server world, once the client/server patch is ready:

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