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    Hi guys,
    Currently I'm tackling a rather big project, making an AI (Artificial Intelligence) for Minecraft servers. But! I'm not the best coder when it comes to bukkit. I know Java rather well, but am still struggling with the bukkit code. Anyhow, for my AI, it's mostly chat based. So I'd like a user to say something along the lines of "Come here" and have an NPC spawn at them and even follow them around. I was wondering what the simplest way to do this would be. Thanks!

    P.S. I imagine I'm going to have quite a few coding questions along the way of making this plugin, if someone would like to help me along the way, please feel free to send me a message ^_^ thanks
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    If you want it to listen for when the player talks in chat have it register a PlayerChatEvent at onEnable, I would also suggest having a commando so the player can toggle in and out of interaction with the AI so you don't have AI NPCs spawning at players who are talking normally. If you need any help I would be glad to offer any assistance you need.
  3. You'll want to learn about entities if your going to create your own NPC's I cannot help you though because I'm not very good with entities :p
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    take a look through this library:
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