NPCS v.4.1 - Trader, Simple NPCS, iConomySupport soon

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Jimpi, Jan 4, 2011.

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    So no one but me thinks armor support on traders would be a nice way to spruce them up while adding protection for future features.
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    I actually suggested that way back before the 1.2 patch.
    I didn't think it was necessary to agree or disagree since I believe Jimpi said he was going to look into it.
    For now I'd just be happy with NPC support.
    But yes, I'm with you there.
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    I appolgize I actually never looked at it until about version 1.3.x in hmod never installed it as by time our server agreed on a shop idea bukkit was about to pop out of the air into our laps for use.
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    No need for an apology! [​IMG]
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    I for one can't wait for this, hopefully iconomy and permissions support? :)
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    I'm pretty damn excited for this. Hopefully, traders can function without iconomy!
  7. Hmm will it be possible (or is it possible) to make NPC's patroll? like walking from one point to another and back or make them walk a round between several points? Like guards for instance or civilians ;)
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    So cant wait for this to come out yet :]
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    I can't say for certain with Bukkit being different from Hmod, but he introduced NPC movement in the last update.
    It has iConomy support and we've encouraged him towards permissions, but ultimately we'll have to see in regards to permission support.
    It should.
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    anyone know how near this is?
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    Thanks for the information. NPC movement would be kickass.

    This is going to be a break through for Bukkit.
  12. Hey, can the NPCs be given a different skin bar the default?
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    i already thought about it! But now, only bugfixes and porting is the highest priority.

    Sorry guys, i know, please be patient. I have a lot to do @real life atm. So please, be patient. Iam Sorry.

    Best Regards,
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    Take your time stuff happens. Just happy its almost done

  15. Great! Just can wait :).
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    As always thanks and let me know if theres anything i can do to help :)
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    Any idea when this'll be released? And if a beta could be released? I really need this for my server.
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    Me too. Waiting for the release. Thanks for all the time man. You can sacrifice some hygiene for this plugin, am I right? haha. jk.
  19. How's it goin'? :3
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    When is release???
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    @Jimpi When you will release this ? :(
  22. @Jimpi: Wow, just... wow. This is amazing work and i honestly can't wait to have Iron Man selling watches to people with the Lich King in the nether moaning about the heat. You are doing a great service to Bukkit by porting this over, we can't wait but please, take your time.
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    I cant speak to IronMan and the Lich King selling road side concessions, but I know Ill be happy when my town has a blacksmith, banker, and someone to run the general store!
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    Phantom Index

    Ah, how i miss the power of this plugin.
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    *Patiently Waits for Bukkit port*
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    I see him active on the hmod site... he forget about us :(
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    You should message him and remind him about us :)
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    Ask over there. hMod will be dead soon. Maybe he just wants to wait till the final notice on hMod before he converts. I could understand that mentality, though it would make me sad to know we will be waiting. People need to get with the times and move to bukkit. :)
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    AMEN! :)
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    Phantom Index

    AMEN! :p
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