NPCS v.4.1 - Trader, Simple NPCS, iConomySupport soon

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Jimpi, Jan 4, 2011.

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    would it be possible to make the npcs equip weapons/armor you give them and possily attack players? for example could use 3 stances passive(does not attack at all) neutral(attacks only if attacked) aggressiv(attacks on sight) would be even better if you could make it target specific players
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    Its Possible! Equiping Weapons i dunno, but Attacking other Players will work. But thats atm not my highest priority. But i have noticed your suggestion :)
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    might as well, seeing as it could be a couple weeks intil the bukkit builds have permissions in them already.
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    going to post the new Plugin in about ~20hours (hMod)

    preview of some new Features!
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    Question: Does that also record movement breaks such as stopping in a place for an extended period of time?
    I also noticed that interaction breaks the movement loop. Is there some way to resume after a set period?
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    Atm the Npcs will walk without stopping, until you hit them, they will stand still a fixed gtime, but i will add a option to alter the Time they have to wait, until they can continue. If you are recording, you are only recording your new Position, with cmd "/npc rec all <base>" you will record new Position+new Rotation+new Pitch. Maybe in further Updates, you will be able to Record crouching too. I have to fix some minor things like the Speed of the Npcs, thats why i delayed it for today.

    Today, i have my last study-exam in some hours, after that, i will continue to work @ the plugin and will release it this evening. After releasing for hMod, the porting-process to bukkit starts again ;)
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    I'm too waiting for this to be my main store plugin I hope u support iconomy still, Also you missed an idea I had on post 52 on how to get simple working skins for NPC to work over the server.

    Its sure not a practical way but I cant see why with some loving it would not work.
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    no i didnt missed your idea, i only forgot to reply. Your idea is also requiring Clientmodification, and thats a no go atm. I do not have the time to refactor the Client and so on. Later if will check this for sure. But its not a practical way. Client will be much more updated in the next weeks by mojang. ... :/

    and yes, all Features will work. iConomy Support is a huge Feature ;)
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    hmm true, yea its was not practical but its about as good as I think it will be with out a API from notch or notch;s newer ideas like possible intergration for client and servers.

    Excellent news :) cant wait for release.
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    My server is waiting desperately for a release. When will it be out?
    I love your work! Keep it up!!!
  12. It's the weekend! *impatient*
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    Sorry guys, i have to delay it again. Because i dont find a Method, to create Entitys -_-
    look here:

    If someone knows the new Class, to create a HumanEntity etc. With hmod iam user for the user-object, the Class "fi" in Minecrafe_Server.jar, now i have to search for a equivalent of this server....

    Sorry guys, i burned down many many hours, for searching and trying to fix it. But i dont have infinite Time. It seems that there is at this point, now way to create a Entity.... Have to wait for updatet Bukkit.
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    atm, iam writting a suggestion, maybe the devs can tell me what i can use.

    Stay tuned.
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    Ya Craftbukkit needs an update pretty bad. There's no triggers for death, entity...
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    I am clenching my butt cheeks in anticipation.
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    There must be a call...
    With a few other mods i use within bukkit, i can spawn mobs (zombies, sheep, pigs, etc)
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    Amazing idea,
    as we are all dieing to have this plugin could you release a temporary version with another mob?
    iTrader Pig?

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    My point was more that there must be a summon/spawn call method if there are ones for mobs.
    I would assume at least.
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    Can't wait for this to work in Bukkit! :)
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    ahh from what im reading, they are a different call function alltogether. :(
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    good idea, but atm, ive burned too many hours, first have to work @my diplomathesis...

    @The Spillmonkey: yes, there is missing a Function to create HumanEntity...
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    I see on your twitter you were considering the ability to spawn animals or mobs instead of players, TBH I think zombie traders would work great!!
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    As long as the bukkit team has it in their near sights, shouldnt we just wait for the proper calls to be added ? :)
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    this is possible for sure, but so many dudes waiting for release, but i think this is the best way for porting, i think i will waste a lot of hours for getting this to work with animals etc...
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    Being a spawn ID, I am not really good with java, but can't you add only one mob type, and switch to humanoid once the api include them ? that would save time maybe and have a few work to convert the mob to humanoid.

    I may be wrong, I don't know much about java, but that seem similar of how notch want to eventually replace torch with lantern by swaping the Id number.
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