NPC Skins... Can you answer this?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by TE5LA, Jul 6, 2014.

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    I've noticed that different texture packs make NPCs look different, so I'm assuming those skins are from the texture packs. I've also read about NPC skins and know you can't control the skins server side, but is there a way to use a texture pack of my choosing and change (use different) NPC skins without modifying the texture pack?

    If I could do this, I will have a recommended plugin and texture pack for users.

    The point is, I found a texture pack I really like except the NPC skins all look the same and a previous texture pack I used had some variety.
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    Buy Minecraft accounts, skin them, never play on them, use their names as NPCs
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    Or use GameProfile
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    That's pretty silly. So I'm supposed to spend $600 or more on extras accounts just to make NPC skins? There is a way to do it, has to be. Different texture packs have different NPC skins so at the very least, you should be able to modify the skins in the texture pack.
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    I'm assuming you're using Citizens2.
    The NPC wiki clearly states that you can't do custom skins without SpoutCraft.
    If you do want to change the NPC skins, you'll need to look up someone that has the skin that you want an npc to have and use /npc skin <name of player> . To see player skins, just look for a player skin viewing site. There are tons of those, a quick Google search should do it.
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    No, I'm not using Citizens2. I am not using SpoutCraft.

    If you can't change skins, then why do different texture packs have different skins on the NPCs? They must be part of the texture pack. If not, then why does one pack make them look all identical, while with another one, there are different skins? The names of the NPCs have not changed.
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