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    Plugin category: Fun
    (if thats a category)

    Suggested name: NPCPolice

    What I want: This might be a little complex, lol but I would like to see if this was possible. I want to try having a npc "police" person/thing stationed outside my spawn, so when people PvPed he would run and try to kill the player who attacked first. XD It's ok if he dies... but I think it would be fun to watch players being chased by police npcs.
    That would be pretty cool if someone could make that...

    (Obviously I am no developer, so I don't know if you can have the npc have like a police skin... but if thats possible that would be awesome)

    Ideas for commands:/npcp spawn - Spawns a stationed NPC person thing (each NPC has a kill radius of 50 blocks, so any pvp in those 50 block will 'activate' the NPC.

    /npcp removeall - removes all NPC

    Ideas for permissions:npcp.admin - can spawn npcs.

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    Use Citizens Plugin.

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