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    My entire server is structured around having everything with a nicely integrated UI. For example:
    I use RealShop and iConomy so players can just pull stuff out of a box to buy it. With Citizens, I can have instructions on how to do everything, by having them talk to the players. There are other little things, such as the paintbrush, or the compass (jump) feature included with world edit. Basically, the goal is to have the players never type a command.

    One of my favorite recent plugins, is BuyAbilities. The biggest problem is you have to type a command, I was wondering if there was a way to have it work with Citizens. So when you click on an NPC, it buys/rents you an ability.

    Also, there are other abilities like: /god
    I was wondering (if anyone can figure out how to make buy abilities work with Citizens) if it's possible to have it, when you right click an NPC: it executes the BuyAbility, so you have permission, then executes /god for that player, then the /god lasts until the permission for BuyAbilities runs out.

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  2. try SignCommands
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