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    Plugin category: Mechanics, World Generators

    Minecraft version: Craftbukkit or Spigot 1.16.3, or 1.12.2 if 3d biomes are an issue**.

    Suggested name: NoWorldBorder

    What I want: The goal of this plugin is to remove Minecraft's world border by having the world wrap on itself. The plugin would prevent players from camping at the worldborder and would make the Minecraft world feel like it were a globe.

    The world can defined by world-size, if world-size equals 1, the Overworld would extend 12288 blocks from 0,0 and the Nether 1536 blocks, if world-size is 2, it would be double the radius, and so on. The world-size must be an integer greater than 0. These exact numbers because Minecraft's clouds are 3072 by 3072 blocks wide and I want the world to fit perfectly inside region files which are 512 by 512 blocks.

    If a player's view distance extends beyond the edge of the map, the region on the opposite side of the map will load, making the world appear to wrap seamlessly. This 'ghost' region can be modified by the player and would affect the real region, and vice versa with modifying the real region and therefore affecting the ghost region. If a player walks across the border, for example positive x 12288.00 and y 60, then the player will be teleported to negative x 12288.0 and y 60.

    **The plugin would use a custom world generator that generates tileable/seamless terrain, caves, and biomes for both The Nether and The Overworld; no real need to add world wrapping to The End, but if you can add End wrapping, please leave the main End island unchanged and make End Wrapping a custom setting and have it's own set radius in increments of 512 blocks. Please make the terrain somewhat resemble the Overworld and the Nether. It doesn't have to be exactly perfect or identical, but at least look Vanilla.

    Number = unique region, Blue number = ghost region
    9 7 8 9 7
    1 2 3 1
    4 5 6 4
    7 8 9 7
    3 1 2 3 1


    EDIT: Also, when going through a Nether portal and it's search radius overlaps the world boundary, it will also search for portals in the ghost chunks. If there are portals in the ghost chunk, it will teleport you to that location but at the real chunk. When generating structures, trees, ores, etc., if one is generated on an edge of the map, it will continue generating it on the other side of the map so it appears seamless. It would also be appreciated making the plugin as item-duplication-proof as possible.

    Ideas for commands: None.

    Ideas for permissions: None.

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible.

    Let me know if you are interested in making this plugin or have any questions about the plugin I am proposing.
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    Mathias Eklund

    This is a really cool idea, I give you that. And theoretically, it should be possible to make as well. It would just be a very complicated plugin to make. I personally don't have the time to take a project like this on, but I hope to see it come to fruition someday :)

    EDIT: I believe there will be a lot of visible glitches though for players, as when they get teleported to the other side, their client will still have to load the chunks around the player.
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