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  1. Minecraft version: 1.8.8

    Suggested name: Notify Plugin

    What I want:
    1/ if someone has more than 16 cps (can be edited in config) admin gets notification. (player get kicked form the server with msg can be edit in config after 3 times so no unfair kick)
    2/ Max reach 3.1 but if someone hits u 3+ blocks admin gets notification + some fix with with the hit range i want player get less % to hit u from 3 blocks to adjust the hits. (player get kicked form the server with msg can be edit in config)
    3/if any player got killed by another player hologram pop off with random texts like Good fight etc..
    for 1.5 second then it get removed

    color and texts can be edited it in config.

    Ideas for commands: /notify reload

    Ideas for permissions: notif.admin to get notify and reload the plugin

    When I'd like it by: This month
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    There are plenty of good anti-cheat plugins that can do this and much more already available.
  3. ok can u do the third one i dont think they have it in anti cheat
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    Okay, so you want multiple different holograms? You want it to pick one at random, then show it?

    Just make sure you delete the old config, I had to change it to support multiple holograms.
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  7. I want it to pick one at random then show it ,
    it doesnt need to be in config u can do like 3-4 random texts

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