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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Dreeass, Dec 15, 2012.

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    I've come up with a cool idea of a plugin, but I need to send quite a bit of information for the user to see, but don't want to spam his chatbox. It has to appear on screen without any modded clients.

    For example a player is falling in the air and I want to show him the velocity he's falling at, how do I show it constantly (don't worry about the loop, only the display) at which velocity he's falling at?
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    You send it to him in the chat, and once it's sent it cant be modified. So there's no way to send a constant number without spamming.
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    Not really possible in a smooth way like you want to display it. This would be more of a client mod ;3
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    needs modified cient :3.
    however you could somehow make a floating nametag infront of him and rename it to his velocity updating every tick :/.
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    For something this simple, I've seen devs use the experience level counter. You might look into that
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    New version of minecraft will offer potention,
    if u scroll to an other item, the name will appear in screen for 1second.
    I don't know if this is straight possible to change the text,
    or u have to change ItemStack, resend it to player to make it appear to player, and change it back again.

    Otherwise I don't think there is a clean way to show someone something without spamming chatbox.
    I really hope that the new version of minecraft will make to-screen-writing possible.
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    What you could do is keep storing all the chat messages in an ArrayList and then when he's falling, send him all the chat messages with the velocity counter on the bottom so it looks like only the one line is changing when really, it's sending messages constantly. For an example of this, I've played on a server with the IP of and they have a visual display of your kills, captures, deaths, and team points all in the top and messages underneath, so they send the whole block of messages every x amount of seconds and make it look like just the info is changing. Feel free to check it out at (Fridays are free days for all classes, and I don't own that server!)
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    I don't see that new feature anywhere in the snapshot feature list, are you sure?
    I checked the server, what a nice idea, I'll be using that in for the time being. Thank you so much!
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    Simple, as in display an integer...
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    Then how would you display the oh so simple text without spamming?
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    if you change the player level, it does not look like you are spamming him. As you only change one value, on one place, at the same time (or you could update it each x seconds if you want)
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    Thanks, I needed it for integers only.
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    Like I said originally, if all you're wanting to do is display an integer you could change the player's experience level while they are falling or w/e and then change it back.
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    Oh yeah, sorry. Had other intentions first.
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