Nothing Happens When Calling a Method

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Jeff.Halbert, Jan 15, 2013.

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    I created a method that will gather the (x,z) locations for all locations in the same biome I am standing in. y location never changes. But when I call the method, nothing happens. Nothing at all. Here is a link to the method...

    I'm not getting any errors from console. Any Ideas?
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    it's nice that you are trying to do like this. But just for your information:

    When i get it right you are trying to get all blocks around you which are in a specific radius to check whether they are in the same biome as the location is?

    Then it would be alot easier you will use the Point class ( ) and Rectangle class ( )
    You can create a list of all points around you in this specific radius and trying to get the type of biome.

    Simple and short example:

    2. // Your area to check
    3. Rectangle rectangle = new Rectangle((int)loc.getX()-rad, (int)loc.getZ()-rad, rad*2, rad*2);
    5. // Lists of points
    6. List<Point> biomePoints = new ArrayList<Point>();
    8. // Check until max z
    9. for ( int z = 0; z <= rectangle.getMaxY(); z++ ) {
    11. // Check until max x
    12. for ( int x = 0; x <= rectangle.getMaxX(); x++ ) {
    14. // Check whether its your biome
    15. Location actLoc = new Location(loc.getWorld(),x,0,z);
    16. if ( actLoc.getBlock().getBiome() == biome ) {
    18. // Save the point
    19. biomePoints.add(new Point(x, z));
    21. }
    23. }
    25. }
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    that would definitely been WAY more easier... the only issue is, I would be over lapping in every loop iteration... but still, way easier. Thanks man.

    But still, it doesn't explain why there is no result at all... still so lost....
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    First of all you are welcome. Could you explain what you are mean with overlapping?

    Edit: Here is the fix if you mean that ( i think that should work ):

    2. // Check until max z
    3. for (int z = (int) rectangle.getMinY(); z <= rectangle.getMaxY(); z++) {
    5. // Check until max x
    6. for (int x = (int) rectangle.getMinX(); x <= rectangle.getMaxX(); x++) {

    You could try to debug. Insert in every iteration loop a logger#info or out#println. This is what actually is also used in the professional programming and it will help you to go through the steps of your programm and understand whats going on there.
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    yeah... i'm going to have to do that.... just so i can see where i'm going wrong.
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    Tell me if get stuck on that.
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