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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by messageofdeath, Sep 7, 2013.

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    How would I find the percentage of damage on someone by multiple people. I already have the whole system up and saving the damage and subtracting of Regeneration. Just on the hitting it runs the event and it doesn't remove health sometimes, but it runs the event. So it runs my thing to high numbers then I do this to it.

    1. percentage = (int) ((double)this.damagers.get(0).getDamageDone() / (double)20 * (double)100);

    Depending on how fast you hit someone with a diamond sword it gives you around 250-400 % damage. If you punch someone the entire time you get over 1000 to 3000 % damage. How do I fix this?
  2. That just sounds like you are not resetting the damage, So it keeps adding up
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    You like KitPvP the damage system. I'm trying to accomplish that but for a different reason. Trying to find out the damager with the largest percent so he gets the kill.
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    Just a tip, you have some unnecessary casts, change it to this:

    1. percentage = (int) (this.damagers.get(0).getDamageDone() / (20 * 100));
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    Thanks for the tip, do you know a way to help with my problem?
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    messageofdeath you should be dividing the player's damage dealt by the total damage dealt, and then multiplying that by 100 to get it to percent.
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    Total Damage Delt meaning everyone's damage added up?

    chasechocolate Thanks so much

    new code percentage = (int) ((this.damagers.get(0).getDamageDone() / this.getTotalDamage()) * 100);

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