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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Chickency, Aug 14, 2016.

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    The title explains it all :). I have had many problems with a ton of plugins. None worked. Please make a plugin that does not require its own server, has easy setup, and has lobby wall setup. Also please add DeathMatch. Some commands would be:

    /sg createarena <name> : Creates arena from WorldEdit Selection

    /sg setlobbywall <arena> : Creates join signs.

    /sg setsgspawn <arena>

    /sg setlobbyspawn <name>

    /dm : Initiate Death Match

    Etc Etc

    Thank you! :p
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    What are the errors in the plugins? I have tried them myself on a 1.10.2 server and have had no problems
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    thehungergames plugin had no errors but wouldn't let any players join through the sign and wouldnt let them move once the game started. SurvivalGames Let players walk off their spawn anytime. SuperSurvivalGames changed the motd to "prelobby". That's all.
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  5. And that's why you wont use it? I'm sure there will be a config option and you can always use another plugin to overwrite it from doing that.
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    Yea I had no problems except no players to do it :p
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    I dont have Bungee cord. I think SuperSurvivalGames requires? Idk.

    EDIT: What do you mean by Overwrite?

    Prefix: '&7[&6SuperSurvivalGames&7] '
    Min-Player: 6
    Max-Player: 24
    Force-Deathmatch: 4
    Time-PreLobby: 60
    Time-Lobby: 60
    Time-Cooldown: 60
    Time-Protection: 60
    Time-Refill: 300
    Time-Game: 900
    Time-Deathmatch: 300
    Time-Restart: 5
    WorldsToPlay: 1
    FireSpreed: false
    ExplodeBlockDamage: false
    TNTAutoPrint: true
    SpawnMonster: false
    PointsUnderTheName: false
    PlayerTracker: false
    Spezialsettings!: ''
    SetMaxLive: 10
    Map-Info: true
    Enable-bount: true
    Hologramm-stats: false
    Team-Allowed: false
    Worldreset: true
    Enable: false
    ServerName: lobby
    CommandBlockCheckPermissions: false
    - gamemode
    - op

    That is my config for SuperSurvivalGames.
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    Did you contact the owner/ dev of the plugin?
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    Just found out. Bungee is required. I do not have Bungee. I use Multiverse instead.

    Edit: Abandoning SG. Doing Prison instead. No idea how to close thread though. Thanks for all your replies!
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