Not moving to BukkitDev? - Reinstating the Plugin Submissions/Releases forums

Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by Deathmarine, Apr 28, 2012.

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    Deathmarine Retired Staff

    Considering that I've started posting all my projects on BukkitDev primarily as well as in november I was under the assumption that this was going to happen, it has yet. Announced October 2011? Seems that 7 months is a bit extreme for a warning to not implement a system that seems alot easier to control.
    Is there a plan to actually do this? Considering you guys are on the inside is there any point in switching, and if so will you disband the BukkitDev Site.
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    They're moving over to BukkitDev because it was made for plugins, etc...
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    Gravity Retired Staff

    Wait what?

    There hasn't been a formal announcement saying no more forum plugins, and we still do allow posts to be made here for them, but most authors have switched to BukkitDev; it's not just something that lies around all day unused. BukkitDev is not being disbanded, and there is a point in switching, considering BukkitDev gives you all the tools to manage your project and please your users that the forum system does not, and allows the staff to ensure quality and safety of everything that is submitted for consumption by the public.
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    h31ix I think he's asking when are we going to stop accepting plugin submissions on the forum
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    TnT Retired Staff

    The biggest hold up is a proper notification system. Personally, I'd have moved already, but a great many people in the community want notifications first. Hence, we are still in a split system.
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    I've wondered the same thing... Are plugins still being approved on the plugin submissions forum?

    I'm confused as to why two systems exist, Dev.Bukkit seems to work fine, even if there might be some upgrades still to be accomplished for it having two is just... Well redundant.
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