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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by OrlandoLaCrue, Jul 14, 2016.

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    Plugin category: Chat Related

    Minecraft version: Spigot 1.10

    Suggested name: NoSpam (Feel free to change)

    What I want: Basically you cannot spam the chat and when you try, it sends a message that is configurable and removes the chat message. You cannot spam commands and chat in all caps. Again, when you try it sends a message that is configurable and removes the chat message. I would also like the amount of messages/commands that can be sent before it tells you not to spam to be configurable.

    Ideas for commands: /nospam reload - Reloads the config

    Ideas for permissions: NoSpam.Bypass - Bypasses NoSpam (Default: Op)
    NoSpam.Reload - Allows you to reload the config. (Default: Op)

    When I'd like it by: Anytime :)

    If you need me to explain anything in more detail, feel free to ask!

    EDIT: I know there are many plugins that do this, but none of them are updated/does more then what I want.
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    I also need this for my server. Please, someone make this.
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    I'll do it
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    @Marti201 Sorry buddy, beat you to it!

    This has everything you asked for, including /nospam reload and the exact permission checks. Download it here.

    Change the message cooldown and the "stop spamming" message in the config.
  5. @OrlandoLaCrue @bcohen9685
    Jar name: NoSpam.jar

    File checked with JarChecker v0.6 by bwfcwalshy

    Found: Nothing!

    Plugin is not malicious!
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    Mine will be approved soon too. I will edit with a link when it's done.

    @bcohen9685 Our plugins are a little bit different. Yours is time-based and mine blocks messages and commands after they have been repeated a few times.
    That's good because the original poster can choose the one they prefer. :)

    Edit: It looks like it's going to take a while. Here is the source so you can compile it yourself:

    Edit 2: It's now available for download! Link:
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    @bcohen9685 Can you add a feature where you can't letter spam. And use more than 4 characters like you can't say ---->Look<------ tp to me!!!!. That is what I mean. And what I mean by letter spam is you cannot say hfjfrijfidkejdieodkdofkf in chat. Both of these will have configure able messages in config

    If you need me to explain anything in more detail just ask :D
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    Yeah, that's nice but it's easily avoidable by simply adding one character at the end. Why don't you use #contains() versus #equalsIgnoreCase() that way you fix that easy bypass?

    @OrlandoLaCrue I can try to do it when I have time.
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    You're right, it can be bypassed. Anything can be bypassed. However, the main feature of my plugin is to make the spammer think that their message was not blocked, this way they won't try circumventing the plugin. I am talking about this.
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    Okay, thanks :D

    That is not what I want, that is why I am using @bcohen9685 's
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