Noose (executing/hanging)

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    I thought that a plugin like this could be really cool, you "warp" them to your built hanging area and when u press a certain lever they would by hanging by a fence above them (rope) and they would die instantly. That would be really cool guys.
    Hope there will be something like this. :)
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    although it is possible xD When you die your character vanishes so youd be looking at an empty spot where the person pointless no? what would be cool though xD Is if you lost HP with time. like heart per second
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    you could do it with worldguard like this
    Step one. pick your spot and make a worldguard region in the location you want them to hang
    make it 1x1x3high. (exactly enough space to contain the player)
    give it a "no-exit" flag. (once ported their they cant escape)
    put cobwebs in it. (so when they port to the top of it they slowly slide down
    at the bottom of the "no-exit" flag region. make a new region that harms them

    Now when they're ported to this spot they'l have no choice but to slowly slide down the cobweb and then die at the bottom
    if you make the harm tick slowly theyl have a like "choking" time

    The player could stay alive by holding jump. but they'd only be prolonging the agony since they can never escape the region

    feel free to PM me if you want help setting this up.
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    That would be a good death trap, but I don't think anyone would interpret that as "hanging"...

    But if the OP just wanted a death trap, your method is fine and dandy.

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