Noob calling for help on Minecraft Server!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Razzmatazz, Nov 12, 2013.

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    Alright, here's the deal. I'm pretty new to having a Minecraft server through a host, and I need help with plugins and such.. So don't judge me too hard for not knowing a thing of what is going on.

    I bought a server last Friday, and my server control panel is Multicraft. The server is supposed to be a community server for our subscribers on youtube, and therefore we built a spawn base.
    We quickly realised, that we would need spawn protection, so people won't destroy and grief hours of work, and to set a main spawn point, for everyone that logged into the server, and I found out, that we need plugins for that, and with Multicraft, it's just one-click installation, but the plugin-commands didn't work, and figured something was wrong. My theory is that it's because the plugins aren't comfortable with 1.7.2, which is the version the server is on.
    The hosts isn't replying to my email, and that's why I'm asking you guys for help!
    If I'm right with my theory, that the plugins don't work because they're not comfortable with 1.7.2, then my question is:
    What do I do then? The only thing I need right now is spawn protection and to be able to set a main spawn point for everyone. Are there any plugins for that right now, which are comfortable on a 1.7.2-server? and if not, any suggestions on what I could do?

    Once again, don't judge me if I'm completely wrong :( I hope to someone is able to help me out here, thank you!
  2. it cant be 1.7.2 bukkit hasn't even released a dev build of 1.7.2 yet (see the huge "Working hard on CraftBukkit for Minecraft 1.7.2" banner at the top of the page), so your probably playing on a vanilla minecraft server, which plugins aren't supported on yet (that will change soon though)
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    Ahh alright, that makes sense, and that's what I figured, but I wasn't entirely sure.. Thank you anyways :)
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    WorldEdit and Worldguard and Essentials are awesome plugins to start with, also use multiverse. All of them do everything you would want!
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