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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by JohnPulse, Sep 15, 2011.

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    Hi there!
    I have a BK server running 1.7.3 atm. As I'm migrating to 1.8, I will pass my server to Premium. The thing is, I have some players NonPremium that I would like to mantain, but just a very few.
    Is there a plugin that could bypass Minecraft's login system when some conditions are met? Like IP and Nickname? Or any other solution for my problem? I don't want to have my Premium members do a in-game login.
    Best regards,
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    Very Simple, Have them buy the game!
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    Run two servers. One with online= true, and one with online = false.
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    Best option ;)
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    1) Go to
    2) Press Buy.

    There you go. Problem solved
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    as an answer to your question ... no theres not an pulgin that can allow non premium players access to a "online_mode: true" server
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    Yeah, buy the game or set the server to offline mode. Be aware that doing this may let in more bots and griefers than you'd want on the server.
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    Just use an authentication plugin.
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    I have atm xAuth dealing with the authentications and doing a damn good job.
    I just wanted to give a chance to those that really like my server and by some reason don't have the official game.

    I do not endorse piracy, I just wanted to find a way.

    Thank you all for your replies specially jaboy.

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    non premium members is illegal(period)
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    Think of it as a trial period.
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