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  1. Hi, i would like my friend to join my server who doesn't have premium MC, its not really piracy because he got the game legally and playing on a server isn't illegal its just not allowed. Anyway he is on my server but he shows up as Player and anyone can join say its him, i want him to show up as whatever he desires, his username basically. any chance that could happen? or is there already something like this out there?
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    Knight Hawk3

    So you want us to make a way for you friend to illegally play on your server?
  3. He is already playing on it... legaly... i just want him to show up as who he is...
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    Your friend deserves to burn in the deepest depths of hell.
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    You can change the and change it to

    OnlineMode = false

    so he can come on but his name will be player and yours player2 with out logging in
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    When you play on a server when you have not bought MC, it's illegal. Doesn't matter how the guy got the cliƫnt... You have to give Notch some moneys to be able to legally play in smp. People will probably not help you a lot with these illegal thingies.
  7. Give him this link. Then he can choose whatever name he wants.
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    Are you sure Notch is OK with you posting this? :p
  9. I hope so :S
  10. Already done it since he is already playing on it... And i'm showing up as who i am...
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    @Sebastian Gorgon

    Just be quiet, you made everyone on this forum mad at you :(
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    Discussing piracy is against the ToS, thread locked.

    @TobyG123 @OzoneBuu
    Be nice.
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