Non-Ops unable to use Creature Eggs

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Liger_XT5, Jun 2, 2012.

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    I've recently found out from some players that they are unable to use creature eggs to spawn any creature. If not a OP player.
    This is in either Creative or Survival mode. Only OPs are able to use the eggs. Non OPs, when attempting to use the eggs, receive nothing. No message. At least they don't use up the eggs. If I got a message at least, I could find the problem easily, as PEX does messages for no perms for this or that.

    In the survival worlds, players can buy the animal eggs to spawn in their own farms. At a price of course.

    I'm still looking through the configs, but any suggestions would help.

    CB++: Dev 248
    Plugins I'm currently using:
        BananaLogArchiver    0.2    
        BiomeEdit    0.4    
        BKCommonLib    1.19    
        Buycraft    4.5    
        Catacombs    2.5    
        Chairs    1.3    
        ChatManager    1.19    
        ChestShop    3.42    
        CommandBook    2.1    
        CraftBukkitUpToDate    2.8.6    
        dynmap    0.39-1163    
        dynmap-mobs    0.18    
        Dynmap-Towny    0.17    
        Dynmap-WorldGuard    0.16    
        ExtraFurnaces    1.3    
        Glowstone Lanterns    0.5    
        HawkEye    1.0.7b    
        iConomy    7.0    
        InfinitePlots    0.7    
        InfoGuide    1.3    
        Jail    2.1.3    
        JSONAPI    3.6.7    
        LWC    4.2.1 (b700-git-MANUAL) (May 20, 2012)    
        mcbans    3.7.1    
        mcjobs    2.6.15    
        MessageManager    5.0.0    
        milkAdmin    1.8-29.03    
        MineBackup    5.9.3    
        Minequery    1.5    
        MobHealth    4.8.1    
        MobileAdmin    3.2.4    
        Modifyworld    1.19    
        MoneyDrop    1.6.2    
        MonsterBox    0.8.1    
        MoreMaterials    1.7.0    
        Multiverse-Core    2.4-b527    
        Multiverse-Portals    2.4-b548    
        NoCheatPlus    3.6.1    
        NoLaggTNT    1.05    
        obuShutTheHellUp    0.4    
        OddItem    0.9.5+stats+build.14.cc7d6bbd    
        OpenInv    1.8.4    
        Orebfuscator    1.4.6    
        PermissionsEx    1.19.2    
        PlayerActivity    1.1.0b1    
        PlgLogCmd    2.0    
        RemoteToolkitPlugin    0.6    
        rTriggers    2.4.2    
        ScreenShot    1.1.3    
        ServerSigns    2.4    
        SignLink    1.23    
        Spout    1189    
        superCapes    2.1.2    
        TeleportSuite    2.1.2-b91    
        TerrainControl    2.1.8    
        Train Carts    1.67    
        Train Carts Blocks    1.02    
        Turnstile    2.5.1    
        VanishNoPacket    3.10    
        Vault    1.2.16-b184    
        Votifier    1.7    
        WeatherNews    1.3.1    
        WorldBorder    1.5.4    
        WorldEdit    5.3    
        WorldGuard    5.5.2    
        WorldInventories    1.2.0    
        xWarp    3.1.7
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    PermissionsEx is not allowing them to,
    Try using GroupManager or give them permission for:
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    I will attempt a direct perm for the egg in the morning.

    If it was PEX, there would have been a message. Last I knew.
    They and I do have the* for all blocks, with a perm of -modify.etc.etc.tnt to prevent certain players from placing TNT.
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