Non-OP Player's Can't Use Buckets.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Draken693, Mar 15, 2011.

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    I am having a problem with players trying to put things in buckets and when they try to pour it, it doesn't pour at all. I am using the basic CraftBukkit thing I found with AnjoSecurity, Essentials, EssentialsBan. EssentialsChat, EsscentialsEco, EssentialsGod, EssentialsHelp, EssentialsHome, EssentialsProtect, Essentials Serverlist, EssentialsSpawn, EssentialsTele, EssentialsUpdate, EssentialsWarp, Permissions, GroupManager, iChat, Lockette, WorldEdit, and WorldGuard as the plugins that came with.

    Is there anyone who can help?
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    check the essentials config blacklist of blocks / items water and lava buckets are on that list.
    There should be a database with items and id's inside the essentials package so you could find wich ID
    is the waterbucket etc ...
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    if you have the water/lava bucket flow turned off in essesntials config, doesnt matter who has the bucket.. it wont 'pour out'

    # General physics/behavior modifications
        lava-flow: false    -lava flows normally, set to true and lava wont flow
        water-flow: false   -  water flows normally in world, true it wont
        water-bucket-flow: true   - with true on no one can use water  in a bucket it wont pour out
        fire-spread: true   - allows fire spread from flint, lava etc to be stopped, true means its stopped
        lava-fire-spread: true  - same as above
        flint-fire: true  - blocked flint .. players can make but not use
        tnt-explosion: true  - players can make but not place.. not 100%
        creeper-explosion: false  - and prevent creepers blowing stuff sky high.. is its true it wont harm blocks
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    I tried this but it none the less you can't pour if you aren't op and if you are op it works just fine.
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    Get out of spawn.
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    I have this same issue only OP players, can use the buckets even without plugins no one can use it. But if i use the normal MC server everything works, and I doubt the whole game is the spawn. Because none is even close to the spawn.
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    Do you have a recommended build?
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    Yes, i have the recommended Build, i have tried with every build :/
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    essentials plugin ??? or running different one?
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    having same problem hmmm...
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    I had this problem on the latest built.

    WorldGuars was NOT the problem
    spawnpoint area was NOT the problem
    however, when all plugins were disabled, water could be placed.

    so I disabled the plugins one by one aaaaand:
    deleting essentials_protect solves the problem =D. When you have worldguard, these two plugins give conflicts I thing. The main problem was: I couldn't find any blacklist of essentials, there is one config file, BUT you can't enable or disable water flow, however, in the console this could be seen:
    21:28:17 [WARNING] disable water flow
    21:28:17 [WARNING] disable lava flow
    21:28:18 [WARNING] disable water bucket flow
    Anyways, it solved the problem on my server, hope it does at yours too =)
    have fun!
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    Yes! Zipron this is a great solution. Removing EssentialsProtect.jar fixed lava / water / buckets on my server. Thanks!!

    I don't have WorldGuard or WorldEdit installed, so it's gotta be some other plugin. Perhaps LWC? Though I did completely disabled LWC and that didn't fix things... so it's hard to say.
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    LWC protects entities and doors and stuff, and you can protect any block using signs, but it doesn't protect against lava/fire spread. Worldguard is the best plugin I ever worked with to protect your server. to give you an idea:

    # WorldGuard's main configuration file
    # This is the global configuration file. Anything placed into here will
    # be applied to all worlds. However, each world has its own configuration
    # file to allow you to replace any setting in here for that world only.
    # About editing this file:
    # - DO NOT USE TABS. You MUST use spaces or Bukkit will complain. If
    #   you use an editor like Notepad++ (recommended for Windows users), you
    #   must configure it to "replace tabs with spaces." In Notepad++, this can
    #   be changed in Settings > Preferences > Language Menu.
    # - Don't get rid of the indents. They are indented so some entries are
    #   in categories (like "enforce-single-session" is in the "protection"
    #   category.
    # - If you want to check the format of this file before putting it
    #   into WorldGuard, paste it into
    #   and see if it gives "ERROR:".
    # - Lines starting with # are comments and so they are ignored.
        buy-on-claim-price: 1.0
        enable: true
        buy-on-claim: false
        enforce-single-session: true
        item-durability: true
        remove-infinite-stacks: false
        enable: false
        allow-portal-anywhere: false
        no-physics-sand: false
        no-physics-gravel: false
        disable-water-damage-blocks: []
        block-tnt: true
        block-lighter: false
        max-region-count-per-player: 7
        claim-only-inside-existing-regions: false
        max-claim-volume: 30000
        high-frequency-flags: false
        enable: true
        use-scheduler: true
        wand: 287
            redstone: false
            enable: true
            radius: 3
        classic-water: true
        disable-lava-fire-spread: true
        lava-spread-blocks: []
        disable-fire-spread-blocks: []
        disable-all-fire-spread: true
    suppress-tick-sync-warnings: false
        login-protection: 3
        exact-respawn: false
        teleport-to-home-on-death: false
        kick-on-death: false
        spawn-protection: 0
        disable-health-regain: false
        anti-wolf-dumbness: false
        block-creature-spawn: []
        block-creeper-block-damage: false
        block-creeper-explosions: false
        disable-ice-melting: true
        disable-snow-formation: false
        disable-mushroom-spread: false
        disable-snow-melting: false
        disable-leaf-decay: false
        disable-ice-formation: true
        use-as-whitelist: false
                enable: true
                path: worldguard/logs/%Y-%m-%d.log
                enable: false
                open-files: 10
                dsn: jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/minecraft
                enable: false
                table: blacklist_events
                user: root
                pass: ''
    summary-on-start: true
        always-raining: false
        disable-powered-creepers: false
        disable-weather: true
        disable-lightning-strike-fire: true
        always-thundering: false
        prevent-lightning-strike-blocks: []
        disable-thunderstorm: true
        disable-pig-zombification: true
        disable-creature-trampling: false
        disable-player-trampling: false
    op-permissions: true
        teleport-on-void-falling: true
        disable-drowning-damage: false
        disable-mob-damage: false
        disable-explosion-damage: false
        disable-void-damage: false
        disable-fall-damage: false
        disable-fire-damage: false
        disable-contact-damage: false
        disable-suffocation-damage: false
        disable-lightning-damage: false
        disable-lava-damage: false
        teleport-on-suffocation: false
    pumpkin-scuba: true
    auto-invincible-permission: false
                - worldguard.region.*
                - worldgurad.god
    this is the config file. As you can see, you can disable weather, disable many features as fire spread, you can config a lot of things. I use it in cobination with worldEdit (I don't know if you can use them seperatly) this is the wiki of the developer: It's a real requirement to protect your server =)
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    Copy This And You Should Be Fine :)

    # For which block types would you like to be alerted?
    # You can find a list of IDs in plugins/Essentials/items.csv after loading Essentials for the first time.
    # 10: lava
    # 11: still lava
    # 46: TNT
    on-placement: 10,11,46
    # 46: TNT

    # Users cannot PLACE these types of blocks/items.
    # < 255 designates a BLOCK
    # > 255 designates an ITEM (Some blocks can be placed as blocks OR items; lava blocks can be placed by lava buckets, for example.)
    placement: 14,56,46,11,10,9

    #prevent people from breaking blocks
    #break: 20,50

    # Which blocks should not be pushed by pistons

    # General physics/behavior modifications
    lava-flow: false
    water-flow: false
    water-bucket-flow: false
    fire-spread: true
    lava-fire-spread: true
    flint-fire: false
    lightning-fire-spread: true
    portal-creation: false
    tnt-explosion: true
    tnt-playerdamage: true
    fireball-explosion: false
    fireball-fire: false
    fireball-playerdamage: false
    creeper-explosion: false
    creeper-playerdamage: false
    creeper-blockdamage: true
    enderman-pickup: false
    # Monsters won't follow players
    # permission essentials.protect.entitytarget.bypass disables this
    entitytarget: false
    # Prevent the spawning of creatures
    chicken: false
    cow: false
    creeper: false
    ghast: true
    giant: false
    monster: false
    pig: false
    pig_zombie: false
    sheep: false
    skeleton: false
    slime: true
    spider: false
    squid: false
    zombie: false
    wolf: false
    cave_spider: false
    enderman: false
    silverfish: false
  15. I have this same problem and I found out its world edit that blocks lava buckets
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