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    Any plugin that will allow ops to activate a "noclipping" or walk through walls effect to themselves?
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    I don't think this is currently possible, in plugin anyway.
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    I have a pull request that will allow plugins to do this (without requiring the player to abuse server bugs), but you will still need a noclip-capable modded client.

    If you know how to mod clients, this needs 3 things:
    1. Set the noclip flag on EntityPlayerSP (it's a field inherited from Entity)
    2. Remove the push out of blocks check from EntityPlayerSP
    3. Remove the suffocation overlay
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    Or if you just want to use vanilla bukkit:
    1) OnPlayerMove turn 3x3x4 blocks to air, store their original values (Lets assume you're flying. If not, you'd just fall into void.)
    2) Turn the blocks that are no longer in the field back to what they were And delete from the database.
    3) Make sure not to turn storage or mechanical blocks into air, since this could cause difficulties later maybe, or just eat resources checking if its storage or not. Unlikely to find a house made out of chests anyways.

    As a result: No need for modded clients, no need for modded server. Requires some resources to do tho, so its not advisable to give all your players noclip.

    Bukkit actually gives really wide variety of possibilities if you sacrifice a moment to think.
  6. Sanzennin and now let's combine this... NoClipping on the server + block changes to air at the client (player.sendBlockChange) = Win!
    Also no need to exclude storage/mechanical blocks as on the server the blocks stay the same.
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    Edit: Oh! Just change the blocks for the client? Total win. So, I take it there is some way to refresh the blocks for the player from the server too? Wouldn't need to make any kind of database to store the blocks then. Didn't know about sendBlockChange function. ^^
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    Thanks for the feedback and ideas, guys. Just looking for a way to region off some mines and other underground areas a little easier, would be amazing if something like this came to life.
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    I'll do it if I have the time, if not, well, I pretty much posted a howto, just now, on the last message

    EDIT: Well, I actually started just now.

    Ok, well, had to abandon sendBlockChange, it didn't work so well... So, instead, I got a real clever way to go about this. Well, atm I am just removing blocks. Next, to make them come back behind ya.

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  10. What's the problem? Minecraft updating the block? Just listen to onBlockPhysics and if it's a hidden block re-send the block change from within a sync delayed task.
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    Oh, it seems that with BlockChange, I'd still need some sort of noclip for the player. It just removes the block from players end, server still doesn't allow to pass through. And... Well, listening to BlockPhysics is kinda resource intensive. Some physics happen all the time, so I'd get a truckload of events where I only wanted a wheelbarrow.

    Anyways, I'm rather close with the Remove-the-block-from-the-server-and-then-bring-it-back-tactic.
    Just for some reason I'm having an odd Y problem, only every second layer of blocks brought back is affected. So it leaves 1x1 tunnels. :confused:

    Ok, I got a noclipping plugin, VANILLA BUKKIT, no server mods, no client mods needed.
    And ya guys said I couldn't do it. :)

    And yes, I know, it doesn't go up/down atm.
    And I'm not sure how well it handles multiple users... Hmm, I limited the radius the blocks are regenerated to a bubble around the user, so maybe you'll be OK as long as you're not too close to each other? I'll test that.

    To download, do it here. Until I get approved on Bukkit that is. ^^

    If ya like it, ya can buy me a drink or something...

    My debug server noclipped me at around the speed of my flight (Zombes max speed). However, my debug server is quite powerful. Tell me if its working slow or something, I already made some optimizations to the code, but I could maybe chip something more...

    Oh, and get this: Ya can have one or two normal players tag along if you move slow. How awesome is that?

    Hmm, the bukkit dev page, for future reference, is
    Just waiting for approval atm. :)

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