Solved NoCheatPlus api hook and getting a violation

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by lolgrapig112, Aug 22, 2014.

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    As the topic title says I am looking for someone that knows how the api of NCP works. (NCP reffering to NoCheat+). What I would like to do is:

    If NCP finds a player doing a violation like FlyHacks that my plugin gets the violation and logs it.

    The problem is I can't get the api to work and need somebody to help me with this. So if you could be my savior :) then pls do so.

    Greetz and lots of thanks.

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    @fireblas709 Hey I don't got any I tried some things and removed them again. Can't ctrl-z them back ... The api documentation from NCP isn't that greath either. I started reading the code from ncpc they do the thing I need to do. In their hooks. Also started contacting the ncp developers. Hoping to get a reaction from them.

    When I get it I would also post it heir but their is like 0 documentation on it.


    A bump still not solved need help

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  4. The topic is marked as solved !? Not sure we had a PM conversation but i'll add some things here.

    Concerning where to start at would be:
    That package contains the exemption API and the hooks API.

    If you don't need to alter violation handling you might want to add a "stats hook", similar to
    In your case you might not want to implement IFirst but rather ILast, in case you don't want to log if other plugins/hooks cancelled the violation handling.

    So you might end up with a hook class:
    - Implement NCPHook, or extend AbstractNCPHook
    - Implement IStats and ILast
    - Register it with the NCPHookManager

    IViolationInfo can be cast to ViolationData, in case there is something to find in there.
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