NoCheat+ or Anti-cheat?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by TheCatMaker, Apr 28, 2013.

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    What should I use?

    NoCheatPlus or Anti-Cheat?

    What are the pros and the cons of every each of this plugins?

    What plugin offers me more protection againts hacks/modified clients?
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    You use whichever one works best for your server and your players.
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    I personally like nd use NoCheat+ over Anticheat.
    Both are anticheats, both work.
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    I prefer NoCheat+, AntiCheat kept on kicking players with dodgy connections.
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    AntiCheat is extremely sensitive, but you can tone it down quite easily in the magic.yml.
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    AntiCheat is very sensitive and our server players didn't like it at all. NoCheat+ didn't work at all for some reason. I had a user test a fly hack even on the latest version, and it worked. (Was using Nodus, and Nodus doesn't have NC+ bypasses)
    Could've been something wrong on my part but I watched him fly and he made it from the ground up to the top of a tree in the middle of the air.

    I have tried and so far it's good, but not compatible with mcMMO... yet.
  7. NoCheat Cons
    - Sometimes when you try to pvp it doesn't let you hit the player for about 5 seconds (Bad hit detection)
    - When you try to sprint and use swift 2 it MIGHT stop you for a second or two

    NoCheat Pros

    - Will stop a player from hacking, from mostly every single hack, this includes, Somewhat sprint hack, fly, Somewhat stops forcefield, and a few more I think.

    AntiCheat Cons

    - Sometimes it will stop you for a certain amount of time because it might think you are hacking while you're actually not.
    - On one version of AntiCheat (I can't remember if it was a new one or old one), if you had nodus or some kind of hacked client, if you set your fly speed to 1, you could fly for 5 seconds with out AntiCheat stoping you.

    AntiCheat Pros

    - It will stop a player from flying, or hacking most of the time

    - If it thinks you are hacking, it will freeze you for a certain amount of time

    Well that's all I could think of at the moment :p
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