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    Suggested name: NoArrowFall

    What I want: I want a plugin that modifies the arrows fall distance for example if you set 200 blocks int he config file the arrow will go straight for 200 blocks*1 with no fall and then it will just freeze*2obviously falling in the groung and if possible clear it self.Another thing is that if you have enabled this you can only use bow when it is fuly charged*3 if you try to shoot with a low charged bow you will get an error message.This plugin will work for each person diffrently*4.

    *1 it will be like there is no gravity for the arrow
    *2 the arrow will stop moving
    *3 the bow is not shooting instantly it has a delay but you can normally use it when charging if this is enabled you wont be able to use the bow when charging
    *4 For example if an operator enables noarrowfall only this person will get no fall on his arrows

    Ideas for commands: /noarrowfall <on/off/toggle>

    Ideas for permissions: noarrowfall.togle.

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible.
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    I am not a significantly experienced developer, but this would be a pain in the butt make I believe. I don't think changing the velocity for the projectile would work if you are going for specific block lengths or anything, so I think you'd just have to set the location of the projectile for the certain amount of blocks that you want with the correct Y level...

    If I think of something simpler and more efficient, I will create this for you. I'll let you know.
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