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    Man, when this works! i love you! xD

    EDIT:// First tests, seems to work perfekt!
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    There is, look at the list command.
    You can see zones that are on the market with a price min next to it, every zone that is created, and offers on your zone if it's on the market with a price next to the name.
    If you want more info about a zone type /z info [zone name] (that is if the person hasn't toggled privacy on it)
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    Sry about that. the "[type]" confused me ^^

    But i got an idea for an future Update, child zones where you can sell / edit Zones within your zone. Maybe with Permissions like "" (when this isnt there too already xD)
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    I think you can probably just make a new zone inside your older zone and sell that. (make sure new-zone-first is set to true though)
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    Yeah but i have to make them, not the user who bought the land. He normally dont would have that permission. Else he would "capture" my whole map xD
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    I suppose I could think about allowing the user to make a child zone inside their zone.

    I'm thinking about /z gift as well so people can give their zones to others rather than selling (as a present or something like that)
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    Sounds great! [​IMG]
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    Nice work Crash! [​IMG]
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    Would it be possible to limit size of zones when creating them?
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    For now, no. I think I might be able to add some permission on next version with zones.managing.limit where all those without limit can make zones as big as they want and people with can make zones of size __ x __ x __ which will be defined in the savedata file.
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    Anyway to set this up for a rent? Like a house or something pay rent weekly/monthly etc
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    For now you just own the land and can sell to others, but I guess I can try to add on a way to allow a person in a zone / co-own for money.
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    That been good, im using worldguard atm, just dont want it to conflict, but been looking for a economy way of buying selling land.
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    Well you've found it :)

    I'm going to update this within the next two days and add on rent + size limitations on zone creation along with a few more things.
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    @Crash I like this idea, but would it not be easier to hook into worldguard? since this is in effect replicating certain elements of world edit-guard... It would allow you to then focus on the buy/sell/rent etc... it will also make a few people happy since world guard is a valuable plugin... and this could be to.

    Atleast think the idea through please? :)
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    yes, worldguard is a huge addon, would be great to incorporate it
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    I don't understand the current functionality of this plugin... When an area is set up, anyone can build in it so it seems pointless to sell in the first place... next it doesn't overwrite permissions with Worldguard, so at the moment even if it did protect areas until sold, they would be more more available when they were sold if you have a blanket protection on a city (which is generally the case as you want to sell "lots" within cities more often than entire cityscapes.)

    Next, the commands seem extremely clunky and could use some work, even with the help documentation it took me a fair bit of time to understand things. After this I still don't understand where offers are viewed from as well.

    So bottom line, I think it's AMAZING that this idea is being worked on and I fully applaud the dev's progress... but as it stands now it doesn't seem to be practical. When this is worked on a bit more and if it plays nice with WorldGuard it just might be one of the cooler plugins out there, though! God knows a lot of the community loves this idea, and would appreciate the hell out of a practical solution to land sales!

    Edit: It also may be that my WorldGuard plugin was overwriting my original test, so it may work as a basic level after all... i'm not sure... but either way Worldguard is what most people are using, so +1 to people who want integration with that!
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    This plugin looks so awesome Crash! This is definitively something I have dreamt about. If you could make it so that it hooks into WorldGuard it would be complete.
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    transfer option =]
    looks like admins cant do anything with a zone that isnt theirs. bad idea
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    It seems many people want this to work with worldguard, this would involve changing many things in my code and possibly meaning having to re-make it to work with worldguard. After I release 0.2 I will begin to make a whole new project and add it to the thread for people who want it to use worldguard. It might take a while since I gotta re-make the whole thing to work with worldguard, I will continue to work on both of them and release updates.
    Next one will include a new flag called market which will allow people to place signs to buy/sell/trade items inside the zone, after that I'll take a look at worldguard, sorry for the conflict with it guys :(

    @Lucid : Any suggestions to make commands less cluttered or easier to understand?
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    is there anyway you could update this so admins have all known rights? if someone else owns a zone i cant do anything about it. they can block me off entirely.
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    I'll add that as a permission in the next version.
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    When I have time I will also be joining crash in the dev of this plugin. We will be looking into the rent addon. This may be trouble since most users would not have a salary of sorts that they could use to pay for their rent. This could be fixed by editing the settings of iconomy to increase the amount of money gained for mining.

    We may also want to maintain the functionality of editing without worldgaurd for those who don't have it or don't want it. Possibly by checking if it's installed upon startup.
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    Awesome, this is exactly what I was looking for. One question, is there way to specify who gets the money once someone buys the property?
    --- merged: Feb 15, 2011 10:53 PM ---
    Oh, and one more thought. Would it be possible to add more than 2 boundaries to a lot, say you want to make an l shaped lot or something?
    --- merged: Feb 15, 2011 11:45 PM ---
    And just wanted to reinforce what others have said, the /z gift would be awesome as well as Player A buying zone A and then cutting zone A into Zone's B, C, and D, and then reselling them to Player's B, C, and D. Would work great especially for my RP server, allow players to develop into "real estate tycoons".
    --- merged: Feb 16, 2011 2:47 AM ---
    Thought of one more thing. Is there a way to make it so that the seller does not have to accept the buyers offer?
    --- merged: Feb 16, 2011 6:57 PM ---
    Unless i'm missing something, I don't see any notification when a player places an offer on a property.
    --- merged: Feb 16, 2011 7:21 PM ---
    It seems the offer system is not working...
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    Ok guys I finally finished v0.2 and released it, I will now begin working on my other project where it will work with WorldGuard.
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    So with this players will be able to buy and sell WG protected regions?
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    With the other version I'm working on right now, yes but not with v0.2
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    Sounds good. I'll keep an eye on this.
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    How do i set it so that no one can build in a zone except for people i've "allowed"?

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