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    You should include the plug-in version in the threads title ;)
    [FUN] Shift v0.1 - Push those blocks! [677]

    Nice work, btw!
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    A video would be nice :)
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    Ok I added a video of what it was based off of, I can't really take a video myself because my computer lags to death even without a video recorder going :\
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    Just WOW!!! If you think about it, you can do really nice things with this plugin
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    Yeah it won't work exactly like pushblocks because of the way his pushing method works, with his you can push it NESW from the top of a block but mine will think you're trying to push it down. I'm trying to come up with a good way to know if you want to push it down or if you want to push it across.
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    I'm a bit new to all this. So I'm not sure if it's something obvious I missed. But I can't get it to work at all. I'm using the latest bukkit through brohoster. I got another plugin to work, so my system should be fine. The plugin is responding to the commands move and reload just fine, but I can't move anything. The only thing I've changed in the config file is to make the push tool a slime ball (341). But I even tried putting it back to the arrow and it still didn't work. Any suggestions? Am I missing something? :oops:
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    You must add the blocks that you want to be pushable into the config file. Default value only has smooth stone (1) in the list.
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    Doesn't work for me. No idea why.. It says it's on and there are no errors in the log..
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    This is pretty cool :)
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    It sais "you don't have permission to use this command"! I am OP and server admin! any ideas!!
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    Yup, it was something obvious. Thanks.

    But now I'm having the same problem as tobleronee. It says I don't have permission. :eek:

    I replaced my world file with a backup copy and removed all other plugins including essentials and got it to work. Not sure how, but that's ok for now. However I think I found a genuine bug. I changed the movable and attached to cobblestone [cobble] and removed stone [stone] completely except for from destroy. I also have move attached set to false. But if my cobblestone is touching stone [cobble][stone], the stone is attached and wants to move with it.


    I then added wood to the list and changed the attached to mushrooms (something random). Wood moves and cobblestone moves and neither sticks. But they both stick to stone.

    Another Edit:

    Apparently items can eat each other. If you move one movable block into another type of movable block, the second block disappears.

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    Make sure you have the shift.* node in the permissions config if you are using Permissions.

    I'm going to look in on this bug right now, I think it might have something to do with the default starting config values containing smooth stone.

    EDIT : Good catch I found the bug, apparently I forgot to add in the move-attached boolean and whenever it's set to false it automatically adds on smooth stone to the attached list so it will think smooth stone is attach-able and move it with the structure.
    About the item eating an item, which block types were you using ?

    I also uploaded v0.1.5 to fix that bug and a delete bug! (You'll really want to download to fix the delete bug)
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    it can not move things. :/
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    Did you use the /shift move command ?
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    yes it is on.
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    Are you using the correct move tool and is the block in the movable list ?
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    ID: 262 , how movable list ?

    "I do not understand one thing."

    you make a plugin that takes 7 days to make.

    but you cope not make a film that takes just 5 minutes to do. :/
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    Glad I could help. :D The two items I was using were 4 and 5 - cobblestone and planks.
    But that's probably the delete bug you mentioned. We'll see.

    Yeah it takes 5 minutes to make one unless your PC sucks or you've never made one before. In that case it can take literally hours or days to deal with your PC or find and learn to use the right tools. It's an awesome plugin and he's really proactive on supporting it. Give the guy a break, sheesh.

    OK, here's an example of the other bug where 2 types of blocks eat each other.

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    I don't think you even read the thread so I'm not going to bother helping, both things you said in there are answered in the thread.

    @bafilius : That is very interesting.. I'll take a look real quick I think I might know what's wrong.
    Post your config file also

    EDIT : Nevermind I found the problem and fixed it. v0.1.7 is out
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    You rock Crash. It seems to be working perfect now. Secret passages here I come. If I notice more bugs, I'll post again.

    Got another one for you. Less of a bug and more of a minor oversight. Lighting should probably refresh...

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    why? :S
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    First of all, I love this plugin. It single-handedly adds a ton of functionality to the server (fence gates, giant doors, elevators, vehicles, open/close shop signs, movable indicators for giant calendar displays! O:), and replaces complicated vehicle plugins. No commands! ^_^

    I love it so much, I have suggestions. -.-'

    Could you possibly add some means to rotate structures? Perhaps a tool with left and right clicks for rotation, or shift+right/left clicks. Rotation would be cool regardless, but it would also make vehicles and such possible, eh.

    Also, just a minor thing.. is it possible for it to be turned on by default? As in, "/shift move" being already toggled on. Maybe with a config file setting. Just, like I said, vanilla is lovely, and the fewer commands necessary on the part of my players, the better..
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    The shift move is simply a means to prevent server lag, it makes sure people really want to move stuff because if you're constantly hitting something, every time you hit a block with the move tool in the allowed movable block list the plugin goes through a loop to try to get all the blocks in the structure which can be costly if you set max blocks to something pretty high. I can add an option if you'd like for v0.2 though
    For the rotation part that might be a little harder with the math related stuff but I'll try. :)
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    lovin this plugin! I have made airships even floating castles!;)
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    It would be nice if you could add a leveling system to this or even combining it with one. To push greater amounts. Just an option.
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    Yeah but I don't know how you would get XP from it, just pushing a block or what ?
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    Hmmm, I could ask around for you or you could ask the LevelCraft guy because he is asking others for help too.
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    Austin baker

    TETRIS!... Thats what going to happen with this :D

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