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    I have seen this plugin used on many other servers, it allows players to just type /shop or /hub without typing /warp . If it is public, could someone please let me know the name of it.

    Use for the plugin: To allow players to not have to type /warp whenever they want to tp to a certain area.

    Commands: /set <name> for example, If im at a Hub, I would stand where I want the tp to be. Then type /set hub and when players type /hub they would tp to that location.

    Any other questions, or clarification needed, just post below ! :)Thanks
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    Yea, drama.66
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    This actually can be done quite easily with Skript where all you have to do is set up a warp using a plugin like Essentials and then in skript you'd have code something like this:
    on command "/hub":
        send "&6 Warping to the hub." to the player
        make the player execute command "/warp hub"
    The message is optional and can be erased easily. Skript is an effective mini-plugin maker though so an entirely new bukkit plugin is not required.
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    Ive found a plugin that skipperguy12 has done that has the requirements i need, but he wont add me on skype, and his plugin page on his profile will not load. If someone could go to his page and find it, It would be very much appreciated ! Thank you
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    There are multiple search bars
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