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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Scurl, Mar 26, 2017.

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    I'm acutally quite sure, that this specific topic got discussed A LOT in the past years, but I have serious problems, setting any permissions (even op'ing) for any player, even myself. Of course I searched for a solution, but I saw so many discussions and sites, talking about prefixes and stuff and I dont really know what that has to do with setting up something simple like that.
    So I got me some small PlugIns like ChopTree and LaunchMe, just to make the gameplay a little more fluently (1.9.4), but acutally no one except the OP's can use them. Unfortunately, nobody is OP on that server, so I can't op someone over the MC Chat itself, after I de-opped me to test it out. Starting the server will empty the "permissions" and "ops" data, so I can't really set OP's for that server.
    Even if I could, I don't really like to set everyone as OP - to prevent them to use the creative mode.

    I could find some permission PlugIns, but just copying them into my plugins folder wouldn't work. I don't really want to read through all 20 tutorial pages, just to get everyone to use the PlugIns I have on my server. I know we once just could use them - if I am not mistaken, I had the Vault PlugIn and somehow it just worked out fine.
    Isn't there any easy way to just type in the players names, who should be allowed to use plugins (all or specific).

    Maybe the solution is somewhere in the PlugIns itself, maybe in the Permission PlugIn, but I don't really want to have to read through all of that stuff, just to find that one line that might explain it to me. So, how do I set the permission to everyone to just use any PlugIn I install (Further, is there an easy way of excluding PlugIns, if I want to do that in future)?
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    Thx a lot timtower. First time I see that link and it just saves 20 sited of reading!

    Uhm, do I actually have to manually edit the file afterwards by putting in the users UUID and name?

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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    No, you use the commands for that.
    Try to avoid manual edits as much as possible.
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    Okay, where can I find a list of these commands? Couldn't see them on the dev.bukkit site.
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    @Scurl Google "pex commands"
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    "Sorry, you don't have enough permissions". How do I get them, when I can't set them
    Edit: Okay, I managed to set me as OP again, but I don't really get where the command for permission setting ist.
    "pex user <user> add <permission> [world]" would only work for a single permission, doesn't it? What does that permission have to look like and do I have to add a permission for every single PlugIn? Or can I somehow just do like
    pex user Scurl add <allpermissions> world

    bukkit.command.plugins as permission doesn't seem to work, it even sais
    • /plugins has a permission node of bukkit.command.plugins and is normally given to everyone on the server
    Somehow, even the prefixes doesn't work like
    • /pex group Member prefix "&0(&8M&7ember&0)&7 "
    It doesn't show the prefix in chat
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    It shows, that all permissions are given, but still only OP's can activate the PlugIn (I test it with ChopTree and Launchme)
    I just realize, that nobody can even chat, is that ne ChatManager?

    I just ended up reading as much sites I actually wanted to avoid and it still doesn't work and I can't even see why.
    Just opped everyone and hope they won't abuse or even recognize it.
    If there is a proper and working solution to that issue, I would be glad to know it, because everything is set as it should. A bit annoying that you have to set everything by yourself, especially when it doesn't work out as it's supposed to.

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