No name tag plugin compatible with bukkit forge

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  1. I wasn't sure where to post this but this seems like a good place :)

    I need a no name tag plugin for my voltz server as we want it to be hard to find each others bases instead of saying "I saw your name tag" however the plugin needs to be compatible with bukkit forge as you may know that the voltz servers are not bukkit. If anyone knows of any plugins hat work or if you are willing to make one, please reply ASAP
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    Why don't you make it?
  3. I have no knowledge of bukkit forge or hiding name tags so I can't.
  4. You may not ask anything related to forge here.
  5. Oh sorry I did not realise
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    What plugins have you tried that aren't compatible?
  7. TagAPI which means NoNameTag doesn't work because tagAPI automatically disables because it can't find craftbukkit.jar but I need the voltz.jar for the server to work
  8. As LaxWasHere stated, you're all alone on this one, bukkit do not give support to forge/tekkit/spout/anyothermodported

    Best of luck, you may need to head to the forge forums.
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    The Forge forum or other forge support channel would be the best place for forge-related questions.
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