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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Avous, Jun 4, 2011.

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    I'd like a plugin where torches/glowstone/lava do NOT melt snow. It keeps screwing up my snow fort T.T
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    Yep definitely need this. Anyone?
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    Need this too i'd love to build with Ice but it melts with light....
  4. I'll see what I can do. If I manage to control the blockPhysics-event properly, it should be possible.
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    This would be amazing :D Thanks, Bone
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    Dear everyone,

    Thanks to the following bukkit update, it should be possible to create a plugin to prevent ice from freezing over water, and also to prevent snow from being created in snowy biomes.

    It should also be possible to prevent ice from melting when near torches and glowstone.

    Can someone please make these things? :)

    Reference: (bukkit changelog)

    Added BlockSpread (when a block spreads due to world triggers), BlockForm (when a block forms due to world triggers, and BlockFade (when a block melts, disappears or fades due to world triggers, like snow melting due to a light source).
  7. Yup, I totally freaked out when I saw the added events :p
    I'll finally write this plugin as soon as I got DeathControl updated.

    Planned are the following features (configurable):
    • prevent all ice and/or snow from melting
    • prevent freezing of water and landscapes
    • only prevent certain ice/snow-blocks from melting (toggleable "no-melt-build-mode")
    • "protect" cuboid areas from every spreading and fading of ice & snow
    • make ice drop an ice-block when broken
    Any more requests?
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    with the "no-melt" mode, would there be an optional global setting rather than having to select the mode then place blocks? Something that affects all the blocks already on the map, rather than having to place the new ice blocks in this mode.
    same for the cuboid areas.

    Simply we need to prevent all [snow melting + freezing of water + snow appearing] across the whole world.
    Multi-world support would be great too, ie. prevent these things happening in all worlds, or just one world.

    Permissions for creating the cuboid protection areas too, possibly.

    I think that is it?
  9. That's what I was trying to say with "configurable". You can either only have specific non-melting blocks or just prevent any melting in the world.
    Multi-world will be implemented for sure, as well as Permissions (that's always part of my plugins ;)).
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    Sounds absolutely fantastic! Finally we will be able to continue the great snow tribe fortress with the water passageways, without everything freezing over :) Looking forward to this like Christmas.
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    Up! Still need this plugin and it seems like Bone is to bussy at the moment
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    ay.. still waiting on this
  13. I'm sorry, free time is rare right now. I'll have more time in about half a week - hopefully.
    If any developer wants to take over this project, I won't mind. But please tell me here so it isn't coded twice ;)

    Otherwise you have to be patient for a while. Or you could use WorldGuard's new feature (global disabling of melting or freezing) until I'm finished. It doesn't provide the features I would implement, but maybe a temporary solution until I'm finished?
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    Yeah I saw already that worldguard has some useful ice features I, however worldguard currently clashes with Essentials - and the amount of information I have stored in to that plugin cannot be a temporary fix :p haha. Not to mention learning all the details behind world edit And world guard. Maybe later I will transfer over to worldguard, but only when I have a good few days of complete silence to learn the damn things and only if it doesn't clash with my other plugins haha.

    in short, Yeah happy to wait, Bone :) Thanks
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    I'll look into coding it but I started with bukkit only 3 months ago so might take a little while. I'll post back here when I succeed or fail.

    Edit: Do want freezing and melting disabled?
    Edit 2: I saw bones feature list. Disregard the other edit.

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    thanks Vyn, and best of luck.
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    thanks vynlar :) you have no idea how much your work will be appreciated on my server! I'll take some screenshots later on and post them on the plugin forum link to show you the sort of thing that will go on with this!
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    Yeah I'll add them to the post as examples. Free advertising for your server ;)
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    hey i was just looking around and i was wondering if you finished this yet thx

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