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    Plugin category: Not sure?

    Minecraft version: 1.14.4+

    Suggested name: NameTaggs

    What I want:

    Basically just the plugin NametagEdit in terms of how it displays But edited so that It will also show custom names above a disguise since all the ones I've tried wont work.

    I'd like it also to be able to work with essentials in terms of Nicknaming a user, So when a user is nicknamed it edits the tablist and Nametag as well.

    As long as it changes the Tablist and Nametag of the user that's all I really need but if possible have it edit the chat as well.
    [Owner] Gh0stKitty [F]> Example Text

    Ideas for commands:

    /Tagg Prefix {USERNAME} [Prefix]
    /Tagg Suffix {USERNAME} [Suffix]

    /Tagg SetGroup [Groupname]
    /Tagg Edit [Groupname] Prefix [Prefix]
    /Tagg Edit [Groupname] Suffix [Suffix]
    /Tagg Remove [Groupname]

    /Tagg ListGroup
    (Displays All Current Group's)

    Ideas for permissions:
    Uhh Not Sure?

    When I'd like it by: Preferably by the 9/17/2019

    Example [Done with an NPC] -
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    I think you can accomplish this with TAB[1.8.x - 1.14.x REBORN] or perhaps maybe something with this flag from libs

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    Figured it out!
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